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The Department of Transportation is an agency in Kansas.

The purpose of the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) is "to provide a statewide transportation system to meet the needs of Kansas." KDOT is responsible for 140,609 miles of public road.[1]


Some budget information is available on the department website. Comprehensive Transportation Program Spending Highlights Fiscal Years 2000 - 2009:[1]

Program Allocations
State Highways $5 billion
Local Roads $2.8 billion
Modes $600 million
Total Transportation $8.4 billion

State Highway Spending:

Program Allocations
Preservation $2.7 billion
Modernization $625 million
Expansion $1.7 billion
Total Modal Spending $601 million
Program Allocations
Public Transit $126 million
Aviation $43 million
Rail $364 million
Bike and Pedestrian $70 million
Budget FY 2010 FY 2011
Operating Budget 253,732,286 267,865,758
Non-Operating Reportable Budget 1,108,991,143 773,078,953
Total KDOT Budgeted Expenditures 1,362,723,429 1,040,944,711

The State Budget for fiscal year 2012 includes the following budget change information for the past two years:[2]

Budget Totals (Dollars in Millions):

State General Fund Percent Change All Funds Percent Change
FY 2010 Actual 5,268.0 -- 14,043.9 --
FY 2011 Apprv.(May 2010) 5,626.6 6.8% 13,714.1 2.3%)
FY 2011 Apprv. with Shifts 5,765.2 9.4% 13,852.7 (1.4%)
FY 2011 Gov. Est. 5,727.1 8.7% 14,777.6 5.2%
FY 2012 Gov. Rec. 6,072.9 6.0% 13,901.1 (5.9%)

KDOT received $378 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds.[3]

ARRA Fund Distributions

Project Type Allocated Amount
Highways $348 million total
State Highways $268 million
Kansas City $22 million
Wichita $16 million
Local governments $32 million
Transportation Enhancements $10 million
Transit $30 million total
Urban Providers $16 million
Rural Providers $14 million


Current projects and studies are listed on the website.[4]

Major projects include:

  • US-50 West of Garden City - estimated total cost: $50,294,700.00
  • K-61 Corridor Location and Design Concept Study - estimated total cost: $831,362.91
  • Improving US-69 in Johnson County - estimated total cost: $34,442,941.98
  • I-35 and Lone Elm Road in Olathe - estimated total cost: $45,006,946.72
  • US-54 at Greensburg - estimated total cost: $5,969,537.55

Projects funded through ARRA are also listed. ARRA state highway projects include:[3]

Project Cost
US-69, Overland Park $82.3 million
I-135/47th Street, Wichita $16.1 million
K-23, Gove County $7.8 million
K-61, McPherson County $64.2 million
K-18, Ogden- Manhattan (Phase I only, Phases II and III not funded) $64.9 million
Total Cost $235.3 million

The department also sponsors the Safe Routes to School Program, which is a federal reimbursement program that distributes funding for infrastructure and educational projects that promote and enable safe walking and bicycling to school.[5]

KDOT has also run the state's Adopt-A-Highway Program since 1989, which allows volunteer groups to clear litter from the state's roadsides.[6]


Project and project study information, as well as Annual Reports, are posted.[4][7] Contracts, letting and bidding information is also available.[8]

Open records information is posted on the department website.[9]

Contact information is provided for administrative staff, including phone numbers. Email addresses are not provided, but staff can be emailed through the website.[10]

Executive salaries do not seem to be disclosed.

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