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The Department of Transportation is an agency in Maryland.

The purpose of the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) is to build, operate and maintain the state's transportation network, overseeing planning, construction, and operation of Maryland's "highway, transit, maritime and aviation facilities, as well as the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration." The MDOT divisions are funded through Maryland's Transportation Trust Fund, which is separate from the state's general fund.[1]


Department of Transportation Total Fiscal Year 2011 Allowance (Millions of Federal and State $):[2]

Funding Source Allocations Percent of Total
Loc. Govt’s./General Funds $488.9 13.5%
Oper. Expend. $1,566.5 43.2%
Debt Service $164.0 4.5%
Capital Expend. $1, 405.7 38.8%
Total $3,625.1 -

Operating Budget Summary By Fiscal Year ($ millions):

Operating Program Fiscal Year 2010 Allocations Fiscal Year 2011 Allocations Percent Change
The Secretary’s Office $72.9 $74.0 1.4%
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit $215.8 $224.5 4.0%
Motor Vehicle Administration $149.2 $163.7 9.7%
Maryland Aviation Administration $174.5 $174.8 0.2%
Maryland Port Administration $100.6 $92.2 -8.3%
Maryland Transit Administration $606.9 $616.7 1.6%
State Highway Administration $211.4 $220.6 4.3%
Total $1,531.4 $1,566.5 2.3%

The State of Maryland received $566 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds for transportation. $414 million was dedicated to Highway projects and $152 million to Transit projects. Of the total, $141 million was disbursed to local jurisdictions for local highway and transit projects: $97 million to counties and municipalities for highway projects and $44 million to the state's locally operated transit systems. [3]


The Department's Office of Environmental Programs and oversees development, implementation, oversight, coordination, and support for environmental programs for the department's six transportation agencies, including Aviation Administration, Transportation Authority, Port Administration, Transit Administration, Motor Vehicle Administration, and State Highway Administration.[4] Initiatives include the Voluntary Self Audit Program, the development of an Environmental Management System (EMS), and an Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability interagency coordination initiative.

The Department's Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) document include a list of major projects and their associated costs.[5]

Projects funded by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act are listed on the website. Stimulus facts and requirements, as well as disbursement updates, are also posted.[6][3]


Executive Staff are listed with phone numbers, but email addresses are not provided.[7]

Contract opportunities are posted.[8]

Public meetings about MDOT projects are advertised on the department website.[9]

Audit report (2009), funding, and budget information is provided.[2]

Public records request information does not seem to be available.

Planning documents are posted.[10] Project details such as contracts do not seem to be available.

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