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Department of Transportation, Missouri

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The Department of Transportation is an agency in Missouri.

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is responsible for providing a safe and efficient transportation system to Missourians through partnerships with the public, transportation partners, state and federal legislators, and other state and local agencies.[1]


Budget documents do not appear to be available on the MoDOT website, but can be accessed on the official state website. The Department requested $2.8 billion, a 12% decrease from the previous fiscal year.[2][3]

2012 Appropriations Request

Program Allocations
Program Delivery $1,989 million (71%)
System Management $557 million (20%)
Fleet, Facilities, and Information Systems $105 million (4%)
Multimodal $92 million (3%)
Administration $54million (2%)
Total $2.8 billion

The Department also received $525 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds.[4] Top 10 current ARRA project as of August 2010 include:[5]

Grant / Award Title Award Amount
Pemiscot County, Route 55 $16,085,700.00
Adair County, Route 63 $17,491,350.38
Franklin County, Route 44 $17,377,500.00
Tucker Blvd. $17,387,181.00
Maryland Hts Expressway Connector $20,000,000.00
St. Charles County, Route 364 $20,570,800.00
Transit Capital Assistance $20,698,281.00
St. Charles County, Route 364 $23,240,000.00
Jackson 70/435 $34,936,045.00
St. Louis County, Route 141 $57,750,900.00


MoDOT runs a variety of programs, including community services programs such as Adopt-A-Highway (AHH). AHH began in 1987 is a volunteer program in which the public clears the state's roadways of litter, which helps tor relieve the Department of its $5-$6 million annual expenditures on litter-removal.[6]

Current projects, including project costs, descriptions, updates, studies and public involvement, are listed; contracts do not appear to be available.[7]


The director is appointed by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, which is a six-member bipartisan board that governs the Department. Members are appointed for six-year terms by the governor and confirmed by the state Senate.[8]


Highway and Transportation Commissioners are listed with terms dates; commission meeting dates and documents are also posted.[9] Contact information for the Commissioners and other leaders does not appear to be available. Executive salary information is also not disclosed.

Audit documents and Annual Reports are posted.[10][11]

The Department's five-year transportation plan is available.[12]

The MoDOT Open Records Policy is posted.[13]

Bidding and contracting opportunities are posted.[14]

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