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The Department of Transportation is an agency in New Mexico.

The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NM DOT) is based on the following principles in the development and maintenance of the state's infrastructure: Multimodal Transportation; Partnership with Tribal Governments; Partnership with Local Governments; Environmental Responsibility; Safety and Security; Efficient Use of Public Resources; and Economic Vitality. The department is divided into six districts.[1]


Budget information is not available on the department website, but can be accessed on the State of New Mexico website.[2]

Program Fiscal Year 2010 Actual Fiscal Year 2011 Operating Fiscal Year 2011 Adjusted Operating Fiscal Year 2012 Recommended Dollar Change Percent Change
Programs and Infrastructure $543,998.40 $535,805.50 $535,805.50 $547,346.50 $11,541.00 2.2
Transportation & Highway Operations $227,872.90 $213,466.10 $213,466.10 $211,217.00 $-2,249.10 -1.1
Program Support $56,193.20 $53,761.80 $53,761.80 $51,302.60 $-2,459.20 -4.6
Total $828,064.50 $803,033.40 $803,033.40 $809,866.10 $6,832.70 0.9

The department received $329 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds.[3]


Current projects are listed by district.[4] Project descriptions, status, costs, and environmental assessments are provided for most projects. Contract documents are not posted.

NM DOT sponsors the federally funded Safe Routes to School Program, which provides funding to schools and communities to promote and enable walking or biking safely to school.[5]

NM DOT also sponsors a Park and Ride Program, which provides express bus service from certain locations to allow commuters alternatives to driving.[6]

Information regarding projects funded through ARRA is also provided.[7] NMDOT Stimulus Projects include:

  • U.S. 62/180
  • U.S. 84/285 MP 186-188
  • U.S. 84/285 MP 184-186
  • U.S. 491 from Twin Lakes to Buffalo Springs
  • U.S. 491 from Littlewater to Newcomb
  • NM 128
  • I-40 Reconstruction: Paseo del Volcan
  • U.S. 64/87 Ports to Plains Corridor
  • I-10 between Las Cruces and El Paso
  • Transit & Rail Projects


The DOT is overseen by a Transportation Commission.


Emails and phone numbers are provided for Executive Staff.[8] Executive salaries are not disclosed.

Meeting schedules and agendas are posted for the Transportation Commission. Members are also listed, although contact information is not provided.[9][10]

Letting information is posted.[11]

Right to Inspect Public Records information is provided.[12]

The Department's Statewide Transportation Improvement Program 2010-2013 (STIP) is posted.[13] A method for commenting on the STIP is also available.[14]

Audit reports and contract documents do not appear to be available on the NM DOT website.

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