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The Department of Transportation is an agency in West Virginia.

The purpose of the West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) is to create and maintain the state's multi-modal and inter-modal transportation system to safely and efficiently move people and goods.WVDOT is divided into various divisions and offices: Division of Highways; Division of Motor Vehicles; Division of Public Transit; the Public Port Authority; the Parkways, Economic Development and Tourism Authority (W.V. Turnpike); the State Rail Authority; and the Aeronautics Commission.[1]


Budget information does not seem to be available on the department website but can be accessed on the State of West Virginia website.[2]

Expenditures by Funding Sources (In Thousands)

Fund Actuals FY 2010 Budgeted FY 2011 Recommended FY 2012
General Fund $6,887.00 $15,859.00 $7,151.00
Appropriated Federal Fund $26,884.00 $43,149.00 $42,739.00

General Revenue Fund - Overview by Functional Category

Program Actual Expenditures FY 2010 Total Appropriations FY 2011
State Rail Authority $2,443,712.00 $3,572,002.00
Public Transit $3,017,121.00 $2,786,009.00
Public Port Authority $313,074.00 $401,185.00
Aeronautics Commission $1,112,911.00 $1,368,688.00
Total $6,886,818.00 $8,127,884.00

WVDOT also received American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds.[3]

Project Allocations
Department of Highways - road construction/maintenance $210 million
Urban Public Transit $8.3 million
Rural Public Transit $10 million
Airports $13.8 million


WVDOT sponsors community programs such as Adopt-A-Highway, which allows for citizens to volunteer to clean up highway litter, and Operation Wildflowers, which allows the public to participate in highway beautification by planting wildflowers by the state's roadways. Both programs are co-sponsored by the Division of Highways and the Department of Environmental Protection's Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan (REAP) Program. REAP provides resources and assistance needed for communities to undertake cleanup efforts geared toward enabling and promoting cleanup efforts.[4]

Current highway projects are listed with descriptions and status of construction and studies.[5]


Contact information is available for department administrators and Executive Staff.[6][7]

Internal and external audit reports are posted, as well as Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports for different divisions within the WVDOT.[8][9]

Public records request procedures are disclosed.[10]

WVDOT's Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is posted.[11]

Public meetings and methods for commenting on projects are posted on the website.[12]

Procurement information is provided, including bid letting information and awarded contracts.[13]

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