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The Department of Workforce Development is an agency in Indiana.

The purpose of the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) is to ensure the growth and continued strength of Indiana's economy by providing Indianans with resources and services needed to advance in the workforce, such as raining and employment programs, labor market information, job search resources and Unemployment Insurance systems.[1]


Budget information is not available on the department website but can be accessed on the State of Indiana website.[2]

Expenditure Summary

Funding Category Actual Expenditures FY 2008-09 Actual Expenditures FY 2009-10 Estimate FY 2009-11 Requested FY 2011-12 Requested FY 2012-13 Recommended FY 2011-12 Recommended FY 2012-13
General 2,718,370 3,614,459 2,435,550 1,138,428 1,138,428 1,138,428 1,138,428
Dedicated 41,747,174 12,492,643 596,864,705 882,509,838 860,409,838 882,509,838 860,409,838
Federal 861,302,038 358,127,081 2,863,372,852 401,594,332 410,389,481 401,594,332 410,389,481
Totals $905,767,582 $374,234,183 $3,462,673,107 $1,285,242,598 $1,271,937,747 $1,285,242,598 $1,271,937,747

$70 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds was also dedicated to state Employment Services.[3]


The primary services offered by the DWD include its WorkOne Centers, which provide local resources for posting jobs, recruitment, training, and job searches; unemployment insurance; labor market information, including data on labor force, industry trends, unemployment statistics, and salary information; regionally focused workforce strategies; and professional training opportunities.[4]

Unemployment services offered for individuals include general information regarding unemployment insurance, filing for unemployment insurance, and filing appeals.[5]

Unemployment services offered for employers include information regarding unemployment insurance including premium rates, preparing for unemployment insurance audits, and filing and protesting claims.[6]

The DWD's Veterans Services Program offers priority, specified job placement services for qualified veterans, including job referrals, job search assistance, veteran's rights and employment benefits information, training, and skills assessments.[7]

The DWD also runs the Hoosiers by the Numbers division, which provides data and analysis regarding the state's workforce and employment.[8]

The department also offers Job Search and Career Training resources, including the WorkOne Centers, at which staff assist with job searches, career options and training opportunities. Specific resources are offered for the disabled and migrant and seasonal farm workers.[9]


Biographies are available for executive staff but contact information is not provided.[10] General contact information is provided for the department but administrators are not listed and individual contact information is not posted.

Public record request information does not seem to be available. Procurement information and contracts are also not posted.

A means of reporting unemployment insurance fraud is provided.[11]

Annual training reports are posted.[12]

Enrollment statistics for the various programs and services offered by the department do not seem to be available.


The DWD reported in May 2011 that the state's unemployment rate fell to 8.2 percent in April, down 0.3 percentage points from March and 0.8 percentage points below the national average unemployment rate of 9 percent. In April of 2010, the state's unemployment rate was 10.5 percent.[13]

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