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Department of Workforce Solutions, New Mexico

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The Department of Workforce Solutions is an agency in New Mexico.

The purpose of the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions (DWS) is to provide programs and services that prepare the state's job seekers to meet the needs of businesses, ensure that job seekers will find jobs, and ensure that businesses will secure qualified employees, as well as providing labor market information and administering the state's unemployment insurance and Federal labor laws relating to workers' rights. The mission of the DWS is to "enhance the productivity and competitiveness of New Mexico business and industry by improving the quality and availability of the New Mexico workforce." DWS is composed of five divisions: Workforce Technology Division, Business Services Division, Workforce Transition Services Division, Labor Relations Division, and Administrative Services Division.[1][2]


Budget information is not available on the DWS website, but can be accessed through the State of New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration.

The Fiscal Year 2012 Executive Budget Recommendation for the Department of Workforce Solutions is as follows:[3]

Total Funds

Division FY10 Actual FY11 Operating FY11 Adj. Operating FY12 Recomm Dollar Change Percent Change
Workforce Transition Services Division 22,820.4 18,531.5 18,474.5 19,646.7 1,172.2 6.3
Labor Relations Division 4,443.0 4,496.2 4,450.8 5,050.8 600.0 13.5
Workforce Technology Division 7,106.2 4,560.7 4,519.3 4,791.6 272.3 6.0
Business Services Division 6,703.1 4,966.0 4,965.9 4,886.3 -79.6 -1.6
Program Support 23,284.2 21,327.6 21,311.1 23,865.7 2,554.6 12.0
Department Totals 64,356.9 53,882.0 53,721.6 58,241.1 4,519.5 8.4


Programs and services offered by the Department include those for job seekers, businesses, and veterans. DWS is also responsible for administering the state's unemployment insurance benefits and labor relations regulations, such as child labor laws, construction laws, and the state's Minimum Wage Act, as well as providing labor market data and analysis such as economic and demographic data, industry profiles, employment projects, and regional comparisions.

Through the DWS website, unemployed workers can obtain information regarding Unemployment Insurance (UI), apply for benefits, and file appeals for declined claims.[4] Quantitative data regarding enrollment figures for UI and UI expenditures do not seem to be available.

Services for job seekers include information regarding job search services, job fair postings, licensing information, job hunting publications, youth career services, and training resources.[5] DWS also runs the state's Workforce Connection Centers, local offices at which job seekers can receive employment services from a career counselor.[6] The DWS website also provides access to the New Mexico Green Jobs portal, which provides information about job opportunities identified as "green" by the Workforce Connection.[7]

Services for businesses include unemployment insurance and UI tax information, economic data such as wage data by industry and occupation, Wage & Hour and Fair Labor Practices regulations and requirements information and forms, Foreign Labor Certification information, and information and registration for new businesses.[8] Businesses can also post jobs and obtain information about incentive programs such as the Apprenticeship Program, Hire Vets First, and Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

The New Mexico Workforce Connection online portal allows job seekers to access workforce resources such as resume creation tips, education and training resources, and job search services. Businesses can post job openings and review labor market information.[9]

Veterans receive priority job and training services from DWS, including job placement, counseling, testing, referral to supportive services, job development, and job training services.[10]


General contact information is provided for the Department and its Divisions. A phone number only is provided for the Office of the Secretary.[11]

Requests for Proposals are posted.[12]

Public records request information is not posted on the DWS website.

The department's Annual Reports through 2008 and the 2009-2010 Strategic Plan are available.[13]

Financial information for the Department such as budgets and audits and program expenditures do not seem to be available.


Per a June 23, 2011 news release from the Department of Workforce Solutions, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for New Mexico was 6.9% in May, compared to 7.6% in April and 8.3% in May 2010. This is the third consecutive month in which the unemployment rate has decreased statewide.[14]

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