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The Disability Party is a new political party in the United States focused on disability civil rights and protecting the interests of mentally and physically disabled people.
Disability Party (United States) is the national organization.

Motto: Disability Party: Protecting You
Colors: Purple & White

symbol is the white peacock

flag is purple background with white saltire


The Disability Party exists in only one state, Indiana, as of March 8, 2013. The Indiana state chair, attorney and politician Andrew Straw, established the party with the Indiana Secretary of State's office on February 5, 2013 and established Disability Party, Ltd., on February 6, 2013. In the course of 32 days, from February 5 to March 8, the Party's Facebook page went from 0 to 527 fans. In comparison, the Indiana Green Party group has under 300 members, the Democrats' page has about 3,300, the Libertarians about 4,500, and the Indiana Republican Party over 13,000.

Straw has said, "there is a reason this movement has to happen in Indiana first. Indiana was the first place in the world to pass a Eugenics Law, and thousands of disabled Hoosiers were forcibly sterilized. This was 25 years before the Nazis began similar measures as part of the Holocaust." Read about Indiana's Eugenics Law



"Adhering to these principles, access and opportunity, will improve the quality of life of every American, and every human being around the world," Straw said.


When state chairs exist in enough states to pass an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, a party convention will be conducted with Party Founder Andrew Straw as initial national chair and chair of the convention. Straw as founder and national chair fills all vacancies until a convention is held. Contact: andrew@andrewstraw.com