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Don Perata

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Don Perata
Don Perata.gif
Candidate for Mayor of Oakland
President Pro Tempore, California State Senate
2007 - 2008
Don Perata (born April 30, 1945) is a California Democratic politician, who was the President pro tempore of the California State Senate in 2007-2008. He was elected to the post of President Pro Tempore in 2004.

Perata plans to run for Mayor of Oakland in 2010.[1]

Hope 2010

Perata controls Hope 2010, a ballot measure committee. The committee raised $1.19 million in 2009. Recipients of money from the Hope 2010 committee include Oakland City Councilmember Ignacio De La Fuente, a political ally of Perata. De La Fuente received a $25,000 consulting fee in August 2009 from Hope 2010 in order to generate support for the California Tobacco Tax for Cancer Research Act (2010). De La Fuente, like Perata, is an opponent of Oakland's Instant Run-Off Voting Measure O.[2]

Federal probe

In 2004, the FBI began a probe of Perata's business relationships.[3]. These investigations did not produce an arrest or an indictment.[4]

In 2006, Perata accepted money from Indian tribes while sponsoring a bill to expand Indian gaming.[5] Perata also drew criticism when he called those who opposed giving illegal immigrants drivers licenses and a guest worker program with a path to citizenship "crackers."[6]

In May 2007, the East Bay Express, an alternative weekly in the San Francisco Bay Area, published a two-part investigation of Perata. Among other things, the articles argued that Perata has manipulated liberal causes, such as antiwar sentiment, for his own personal and political gains.[7] Perata's sponsored an antiwar ballot resolution in order to raise money for his PACs. It also alleges that he has used campaign donations to support an indulgent lifestyle and detailed other possible areas of corruption.[8]

Term limits

Perata was one of two main sponsors of California Proposition 93 (2008), a ballot initiative that was on the February 5, 2008 ballot in California. If Proposition 93 had passed, it would have altered the provisions of California Proposition 140 (1990) so that current legislative incumbents, including Perata, would have been able to stay in office longer. Since Proposition 93 was rejected by the voters, Perata had to leave office after the November 2008 elections.

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