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Donna Glisman

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Donna Glisman
Donna Glisman.jpg
Candidate for
U.S. Senate, Ohio
Campaign website
Donna Glisman was a 2012 Republican candidate who sought election to the U.S. Senate from Ohio.


Campaign themes


Glisman's campaign website listed the following issues:[1]

  • Economy & Jobs
Excerpt: "I am a firm believer that our country’s strength goes hand in hand with that of our economic mite and dedication to the free market system which has afforded us all of our success."
  • Healthcare
Excerpt: "Instead of focusing on providing healthcare, the government should take a stance of lowering the need for care to begin with, by promoting healthy living."
  • The Budget
Excerpt: "Fiscal responsibility is a priority! Here we are sending our soldiers overseas to protect us from terrorists, while is insolvency is eroding our nation from within, threatening our American way of life."
  • Our Constitution
Excerpt: "We must preserve the principles set forth in our founding document! The progressive movement seems to lean towards the deprivation of our asserted rights, and overreaching the roles of government as it is laid out."
  • Illegal Immigration
Excerpt: "This is a serious problem and we cannot just ignore it when our country is in a time of economic turbulence. I support the ideology to come to America with hopes of a better life and future, but there are proper channels that must be adhered to."
  • National Defense
Excerpt: "I see cutting back on our national defense as nothing more than inviting trouble. Those who seek to do our people and nation harm are nothing more than barbaric in their mindset, and scaling back on our defenses will be interpreted as a sign of weakness."
  • The Second Amendment
Excerpt: "It’s our Constitutional right to own them, whether it’s to protect my family or to hunt, and that won’t be interfered with under my watch."
  • Family Values
Excerpt: "I will always continue to support my faith, and protect the unborn."



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Glisman ran in the 2012 election for the U.S. Senate, representing Ohio. Glisman lost to Josh Mandel in the Republican primary on March 6, 2012.[2][3]


Glisman is married and has three children.

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