Dutchess County, New York

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Dutchess County is one of 62 counties in New York. Its county seat is Poughkeepsie. The United States Census Bureau estimated the county's population as of July 1, 2007 as 292,706.

Website evaluation

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Transparency grading process

This website was last evaluated in March 2014.

The good

  • The adopted budget for the current fiscal year is available, as are budgets for past fiscal years.[1]
  • County Legislature meeting minutes are archived from 2010 to present. Video for meetings is also available.[2][3]
  • Contact information for county legislators is available, including email addresses.[4]
  • Contact information for the county executive is available.[5]
  • Building permits are regulated at the municipality level. Relevant information is available, including a description of the permit process, is available.[6]
  • Audits and annual financial reports are available.[7]
  • Contract information (including PDFs of awarded contracts) is available, as is more general information on procurement and bid processes.[8]
  • Information pertaining to the public records request process is available. The county attorney is identified as the contact person for such requests.[9]
  • Information pertaining to property tax rates is available. In addition, information about county fees is provided.[10][11]

The bad

  • Information regarding the county's relationships with lobbyists does not appear to be available.

Other analysis

The Poughkeepsie Journal conducted its own analysis of the Dutchess County website in early March 2009. According to the newspaper's analysis, "the Dutchess County Web site offers a plethora of reports for many different departments, provides press releases and shows video archives of Legislature meetings. The county Office of Information Systems has worked to make the Web site user-friendly and easy to navigate, spokeswoman Colleen Pillus said. Pillus said County Executive William Steinhaus' philosophy for the Web site is it should serve as an information portal to help residents find the services or information they need."[12][13]

Municipalities in Dutchess County

The Poughkeepsie Journal conducted an analysis of the websites of the 22 towns and cities in Dutchess County in early 2009 to see what types of information could be found on the websites. This analysis "noted a wide disparity among the offerings. At bare minimum, all the Web sites should have clear contact information, meeting schedules, budgets, downloadable forms, proposals, meeting minutes and community links." According to the analysis, 14 of the municipalities with websites did not post a budget.[14][12]

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