Eagle County Issue 1A, Energy Efficient Homes Loan (November 2009)

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The County Issue 1A, Energy Efficient Homes Loan appeared on the November 3 ballot in Eagle County.

Issue 1A proposed establishing a loan program for county residents to make their homes more energy efficient. The loan taken out by the homeowner would be paid over a 15 year period and would be paid out of their property taxes. If the home is sold before the loan is paid off, that debt would be transferred to the new owners of that home. But the main issue was that many homeowners already had mortgages on their homes and reselling would be even harder in the coming years with this added loan attached. The taxes on a home with these energy improvements could also be potentially higher when selling the property. Proponents said that it is not obligatory, so the owner of the home knows the risks when they take out the loan for their home. It also has the potential to create jobs in the county, which is seen as a positive aspect.[1]

There is also a similar issue on the ballot in Pitkin County.

Election results

The measure was approved.[2]

Issue 1A
Result Votes Percentage
Approveda Yes 3,446 53.20%
No 3,032 46.80%
Total votes 6,478 100.00%
Voter turnout NA%