Early buzz about Shumlin's 2012 GOP challenger

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August 31, 2011


Montpelier, VT: Running a gubernatorial campaign can be tiring, but generally an incumbent governor can expect four years in office before facing the judgement of the electorate. Such is not the case for Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin. Vermont is one of only two states that elects its governor every year.[1]

In last year's Democratic primary election he eked out a victory, winning the five-way race by just 197 votes. He defeated then-Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie in the general election by a 1.8 point margin.[2] Although it's still early in the game, this year's race isn't looking any easier for the first term Democratic incumbent.

Early reports indicate Dubie is seriously considering a rematch. If he doesn't run, the attention may turn to state senator Randy Brock. The information comes from Auditor Tom Salmon, rumored to be the third-in-line to run for the Republicans, who said the general understanding among the state's GOP officials is that Dubie is the lead candidate for now.[3]


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