Edward Gately

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Edward Gately
Candidate for
Pennsylvania State Senate, District 28

Political party Libertarian
Profession Organic farmer
Website Campaign website
Edward Gately was a Libertarian candidate for District 28 of the Pennsylvania State Senate. The primary election was on May 18, 2010 and the general election was on November 2, 2010.



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Gately lost to Republican incumbent Mike Waugh in the November 2 general election.[1]

Campaign themes

Gately's campaign website listed 10 key issues:[2]

  • Home Rule Excerpt: "Recently, there has been state legislation that has resulted in serious harm to too many residents living in our 28th District – by threatening the ability of local officials to maintain the type of community they wish to call home, by placing these citizens in danger of very serious health and safety risk with no recourse to their rights that should have been protected under the constitution."
  • Eliminate Property Tax Excerpt: "It is time to eliminate Property tax. It is time to phase it out and phase in placing the burden of our school system on an expanded sales tax."
  • Strong Local Economy Excerpt: "We need to focus on finding solutions to bring back a free market so local businesses can thrive once again."
  • Strong Local Law Enforcement & Fire Protection Excerpt: "It was a responsibility our local state representation should never lose sight to provide and support to the fullest for those individuals that every day put their lives in jeopardy for the safety of our communities."
  • Family Farm Preservation Excerpt: "It is time to start removing the obstacles our state representation has placed on York County family farms. It is time to start supporting and promoting York County family farms and make them thrive once again."
  • Environmental Protection Excerpt: "We need to NOW be even more vigilant than ever with proposed legislation that would permit corporations to turn Pennsylvania’s municipalities into nothing more than resource colonies for outside private wealth. This proposed legislation will remove our inalienable right to protect our home towns and communities."
  • State Lobbying and Corruption Reform Excerpt: "In November, we all have to think and remember that in just a few seconds we have the power to bring back true citizen representation in Harrisburg. Representation that works towards real state lobbying and corruption reform."
  • Smaller State Government Excerpt: "It is time to stop our ever-expanding state government! It is time to rethink how and why it functions! It is time to get state government out of areas it has no state constitutional right to govern. In these difficult economic times, it is time to reduce state government."
  • Term Limits and Reform Excerpt: "First, gerrymandering has to be taken out of the hands of professional politicians and redistricting placed in the care of nonpartisan citizens directed by nonpartisan guidelines . . . Second, campaign reform needs to be truly addressed."
  • Protecting Our Constitution "Patriot-to-Patriot, I believe you understand."

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