El Paso County Term Limit Question (November 2012)

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AnEl Paso County Term Limit Question was on the November 6, 2012 ballot in El Paso County.

This measure seeks to undo a previous term limit increase measure which was voted on November 2, 2010. The original measure extended term limits to three terms, the new measure would reduce the term limit back to the original two terms. Problems with the language of the measure have arisen, state law notes that a "yes" vote must mean that the original intent would be changed to the new law and a "no" would keep the original issue. The way the current measure is written, a "no" vote would change the term limits back to two terms. Some county commissioners noted that they would gladly change the ballot language to help avoid voter confusion, but a decision has yet to be made.[1]

Election results

1B-El Paso County Term Limits Change
Approveda Yes 161,006 64.05%

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