Elected officials in Niles could be faced with term limits

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July, 31, 2012


SPRINGFIELD, Illinois: In the village of Niles, which is in Cook County, residents have submitted a petition with 1,018 signatures to try and get a referendum on to the November ballot which would set term limits for some elected officials. The petition proposes limiting those in elected office to 16 years of service and if it makes it on the ballot and is approved it would be implemented at the next spring election. If it does gain approval, three members of the government including the current village Mayor would not be able to seek re-elected as he has served more than 16 years in the government. The main force behind the petition stated that his goal was not to get any one person out of office but that he believes that having set term limits fosters good government. Once the village clerk certified the petition it would then go to the Cook County clerk to be placed on the November ballot.[1]

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