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June 6, 2012

By Editor

While the recall activity in Wisconsin received a great deal of attention yesterday, a number of local recall elections also took place on June 5.


In Fullerton, three city council members were recalled. Dick Jones, Pat McKinley, and Don Bankhead were all ousted by nearly 66% of the vote. The Fullerton recall was initiated due to anger over the brutal death of Kelly Thomas on July 5, 2011, at the hands of Fullerton police officers.[1] Interestingly, the June 5 recall represented the second time that Don Bankhead has been recalled from office. He previously lost his city council seat in 1994, but was re-elected to the council later that same year.[2]

Greenfield voters ousted two officials, city council members Yolanda Teneyuque and John Martinez. Greenfield's mayor, John Huerta Jr. was retained. While he initially appeared to have been recalled, a recount showed that voters had chosen to keep him in office.[3] The Greenfield recall efforts were initiated after city officials proposed merging the Greenfield police department with Soledad's police department.


In Hermiston, voters decided the fate of four city council members and the city's mayor. All five officials narrowly retained their seats. The targeted Hermiston officials had been accused of a lack of transparency and accountability.[4]

Local recalls in 2012

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So far in 2012, 7 mayors have been recalled, while 6 mayors have survived recall elections. One mayoral recall election is currently scheduled, while at least a dozen mayoral recall campaigns are currently underway.


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