Election aftermath: Rough night for incumbents in Louisiana state legislative elections

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November 19, 2011

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By Geoff Pallay

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BATON ROUGE, Louisiana: In a night when partisan control was not at stake in either Louisiana chamber, voters sent a message to incumbents, knocking off five of the eight elected officials appearing on the ballot.

A total of 25 seats were elected last night in the final leg of the 2011 legislative elections. Of those 25 seats, Democrats won 14 while Republicans won 10 and an Independent won one.

In the tightest race, Marcus Hunter (D) defeated Billye Burns by just three votes in house district 17 in a race that will likely see a recount.

When the Louisiana legislature next convenes, Republicans will hold comfortable margins in both the senate and house.

Louisiana State Senate
Party As of November 2011 After the 2011 Election
     Democratic Party 17 15
     Republican Party 22 24
Total 39 39
Louisiana House of Representatives
Party As of November 2011 After the 2011 Election
     Democratic Party 46 45
     Republican Party 57 58
     Independent 2 2
Total 105 105

Three incumbent Democrats were defeated and two incumbent Republicans. The five seats where an incumbent fell:

Here are the 25 winners of state legislative elections last night in Louisiana.



  1. Gregory Tarver
  2. Troy Brown


  1. John R. Smith (Louisiana)



  1. Alfred Williams
  2. Barbara Norton
  3. Ed Price
  4. Edward James
  5. Gene Reynolds
  6. Kenny Cox
  7. Marcus Hunter
  8. Randal Gaines
  9. Stephen Ortego
  10. Terry Landry
  11. Vincent Pierre


  1. Chris Broadwater
  2. Chris Leopold
  3. Clay Schexnayder
  4. Gregory Miller, Louisiana
  5. Jay Morris
  6. Kenny Havard
  7. Lenar Whitney
  8. Ray Garofalo
  9. Rob Shadoin

Third Party

  1. Terry Brown, Louisiana

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