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September 18, 2012


By Al Ortiz

MONTGOMERY, Alabama: It is a rare sight to see a statewide ballot measure on a September ballot, but deep down south, that's exactly what voters got - and approved.

On September 18, voters in Alabama voted on a ballot measure that would transfer more than $437 million from a trust fund to the state general fund. Governor of Alabama Robert Bentley (R) had previously said that if voters rejected the measure, he would not seek a tax increase.[1]

Bentley stated that the measure was needed to cover major funding shortfalls in the state's budget that begins on October 1, 2012.

On the other hand, State Senator Paul Sanford was against the measure. Sanford stated, “I’m against the amendment. I and the people I talk to don’t see the willingness to trust that the government is going to do the responsible thing...One of my bills that passed this year consolidated two agencies: Department of Labor and Department of Industrial Relations. I think we need to do more measures like that and curtail some cost. A lot of these suggestions have been put on the desk and are collecting dust.

Final election results will posted on this page and on Amendment 1's ballot measure page on the morning of September 19.
The Associated Press has stated that the measure has been approved. Approveda

Election results

The following are unofficial election results:

Amendment 1
Approveda Yes 357,036 64%

Results via The Birmingham News.

1,900 of 2,136 precincts reporting

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