Electronic poll books not to be used in some Tennessee precincts

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September 15, 2012


By Justin Haas

NASHVILLE, Tennessee The Davidson County Election Commission has decided not to use electronic poll books, despite expressing confidence in their reliability.[1]

The poll books have recently come under criticism because some voters received the wrong ballots in the August 2 primary election. The commission had previously planned to use the new books in all of its precincts for the November 6 election but voted last week to revert to the paper books.[1]

Commissioner Steve Abernathy wanted the commission to revisit the issue. He claimed that the software error that occurred during the primary has been resolved and that the use of electronic poll books are used to reduce time spent voting and verify voter information.[1]

He then stated the following, "Based on that data I have seen so far from the electronic poll book locations, it appears that the primary ballots in Nashville were processed with better than 99.8 percent accuracy. I challenge any other government agency or department to match that level of performance."[1]

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