Emeryville Increase in Maximum Business Tax, Measure D (November 2011)

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A City of Emeryville Increase in the Maximum Business Tax, Measure D ballot question was on the November 8, 2011 ballot for voters in the City of Emeryville in Alameda County, where it was approved.

Prior to the approval of Measure D, there had been a maximum annual business tax of $117,048.00 per year. With the approval of Measure D, the maximum rate was adjusted upward to $300,000 per year.

Measure C, which increases the business tax rate in the city, was also on the November 8, 2011 ballot, and was also approved.

Election results

Measure D
Approveda Yes 1,080 80.48%
Election results are from the Alameda County elections office as of 6:00 a.m. PST on November 24, 2011.


The argument in favor of Measure D submitted for the voter guide was signed by Emeryville city council members Ruth Atkin, Ken Bukowski, Nora Davis, Kurt Brinkman and Jennifer West. It said:

"The City of Emeryville has far more land devoted to businesses than homes. The current Business Tax recognizes that businesses have a responsibility to help pay for essential services including police and fire services, street maintenance, tree and park maintenance, and child care services. Businesses pay a tax based on the gross receipts of their firm and the contribution varies depending on the size of the business. The current business tax is capped at a maximum payment of approximately $117,000 annually, subject to changes based on the Consumer Price Index. Most neighboring cities do not cap their Business Tax, but Emeryville has a cap in order to keep the city competitive to attract new business and retain existing businesses. Recently, Emeryville public services have been reduced due to the recession and the State theft of funds from local governments. The City has responsibly reduced spending by 10% for the current two year budget, and is its employees to make contributions to their retirement funds to help offset the loss of revenues. The reduction in services, however, cannot continue indefinitely without affecting the quality of life in Emeryville. The City must match prudent reductions in expenditures with new sources of revenue. Measure D will increase the Business Tax cap (maximum) to $300,000 per year, subject to annual changes based on the Consumer Price Index. The increase in the Business Tax cap authorized by this measure will assist in restoring essential city services and programs with a modest impact on our businesses. We will remain one of the few east bay cities with a cap on the business tax to help us retain existing businesses and attract new business. We urge your support of Measure D with a yes vote."

Note: An argument in opposition to Measure D was not submitted to the official voter guide.

Text of measure

The question on the ballot:

Measure D: "To maintain the high quality of life in Emeryville and fund essential services including police, fire, 9-1-1, park maintenance, litter abatement, graffiti removal, flood protection, street maintenance, accessibility improvements, child care, senior and recreation programs, shall an ordinance be adopted that increases the limit on the maximum annual business tax that businesses pay? "[1]

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