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Emil Ramirez is an appointed member of the KEEP Commission. The KEEP commission was established in May 2008 by an executive order of governor Kathleen Sebelius. The stated purpose of the commission is to develop "recommendations to the Governor to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Kansas."

Ramirez is the assistant director of United Steel Workers District 11.

Op ed pieces

Prior to his appointment, Ramirez continually submitted opinion pieces concerning renewable energy. In 2006, Ramirez was involved in lobbying the Missouri government for a renewable energy bill: "We believe through the use of clean energy and energy efficiency technologies we can create new secure manufacturing jobs in Missouri," according to Emil Ramirez.[1]

A year later, in 2007, Ramirez was part of a coalition in Missouri fighting a coal plant. On November 13, 2007, the group sent out a press release entitled, "Missouri Can Do Better Than Coal." Ramirez is quoted in the press release saying, "Another huge coal plant is not only bad for the health of Missourians, it is also the wrong choice for our economy."[2]

In 2009 Ramirez wrote an op-ed piece promoting the economic development benefits of wind power that appeared in the Wichita Eagle (no longer available at that site, but available at other sites).[3] This op-ed has been criticized for its lack of perspective and emphasis on job creation as the goal of energy policy.[4]

Political affiliations

In 2006, Ramirez worked against the election of Republican Jim Ryun and for the election of Democrat Nancy Boyda.

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