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The Employment Security Commission is an agency in Oklahoma.

The purpose of the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (OESC), a United States Department of Labor funded agency, is to provide services to the state's businesses an job seekers and improve the state's economy. Services offered include matching jobs and workers, administering the state's Unemployment Compensation (UC), helping to prepare the state's workforce with necessary skills, and providing labor market information. [1]


Budget information is not available on the OESC website, but the agency's financial data can be accessed on the Oklahoma Open Book website and the agency's budget can be accessed through the state's Office of State Finance.[2][3]

Fiscal 2012 Executive Budget*[3]

Expenditures by Fund - $000's

Type of Fund Fiscal Year 2009 Actual Fiscal Year 2010 Actual Fiscal Year 2011Budgeted
Constitutional Reserve Fund 0 0 0
Employment Sec Comm Revolving 1,145 206 339
Special Distributions 0 0 16,253
OESC Computer Fund 2,975 1,800 0
CMIA Programs Disbursing Fund 18,782 25,614 30,000
OESC Administration Fund 48,530 56,671 74,230
American Recov. & Reinv. Act 234 3,996 2,865
Total Expenditures by Fund $71,666 $88,287 $123,687

Expenditures by Object - $000's

Object of Expenditure Fiscal Year 2009 Actual Fiscal Year 2010 Actual Fiscal Year 2011Budgeted
Salaries and Benefits 37,592 40,260 54,106
Professional Services 744 1,844 3,596
Travel 703 806 967
Lease-Purchase Expenditures 0 0 0
Equipment 3,868 2,330 2,806
Payments To Local Govt Subdivisions 18,784 25,640 30,000
Other Operating Expenses 9,979 17,406 32,213
Total Expenditures by Object $71,670 $88,286 $123,688

Expenditures by Budget Activity / Sub-Activity - $000's

Activity Name Fiscal Year 2009 Actual Fiscal Year 2010 Actual Fiscal Year 2011Budgeted
Total Administration 6,528 11,275 9,695
Total Unemployment Insurance 17,500 19,432 31,626
Total Employment Service 1,593 1,566 2,922
Total Research 1,380 1,396 2,456
Total Field Services 15,281 17,546 28,346
Employment and Training
Employment and Training 19,907 26,732 33,407
Workforce Investment Act (WIA) 2 38 0
Total Employment and Training 19,909 26,770 33,407
Total Clearing and ASA Department 0 0 0
Total Data Processing 9,475 10,300 15,235
Total Expenditures by Activity $71,666 $88,285 $123,687

*The totals may not match due to rounding.

Expenditures by Class 2008-2011[2]

Major Class 2011 2010 2009 2008
Personal Services 574,212,162 1,068,559,055 551,048,749 214,902,178
Travel 510,432 805,447 702,407 705,269
Administrative Expense 7,441,218 9,113,832 8,495,331 7,382,633
Prop, Furn, Equip & Related Debt 1,192,358 3,559,465 3,866,539 1,675,592
Gen Asst, Awds, Prog-Directed 16,728,964 32,429,209 20,161,759 22,824,003
Transfers and Other Disbursements 156,903 1,537,867 82,552 150,000
Grand Total 600,242,039 1,116,004,875 584,357,337 247,639,675

The agency also received American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds, as follows:[4][5]

Award Amount ARRA Expenditure Amount Jobs for Last Quarter
$4,565,721 $3,934,844 0


The agency offers programs and services to workers, jobseekers, and businesses/employers. Services for the workforce include job search and career resources; unemployment benefits; Workforce Investment Act (WIA) programs; job fairs and opportunities postings; and veteran priority services.

Services for Businesses / Employers include assistance finding qualified workers; employer information and forms; new hire reporting; taxable wage base and rates; tax rate schedule; tax and training incentives; and business seminar information.[6]

Through OESC, qualifying unemployed workers can file for Unemployment Insurance (UI); obtain general UI information and necessary forms; and file for appeals.[7] Employers can also obtain information and forms regarding UI and UI-related taxes, and file for appeals.[8]

Unemployment Insurance Claim Statistics for Oklahoma 2010:[9]

Category Amount/Number
Initial claims for unemployment benefits 199,495
Initial claims made were protested by the employer in 2010 62,580
Due to voluntary quit 16,599
Decisions to allow benefits (in favor of claimants) 2,610
Decisions to deny benefits (in favor of employers) 13,989
Winning percentages
Claimants 15.7%
Employers 84.3%
Due to discharge for misconduct 45,981
Decisions to allow benefits (in favor of claimants) 28,427
Decisions to deny benefits (in favor of employers) 17,554
Winning percentages
Claimants 61.8%
Employers 38.2%
Appeals filed with the Appeal Tribunal
Total appeals 19,819
Total reversals 5,811
Reversal rate 29.3%
Winning percentages before the Appeal Tribunal
Claimants 40.2%
Employers 59.8%
Appeals filed with the Board of Review
Total appeals 2,599
Total reversals 32
Total remands 277
Reverse or remand rate 11.9%
Winning percentages before the Board of Review
Claimants 35%
Employers 65%

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) programs include Work Based Training (age 55 and older); services for Adults & Dislocated Workers, and Youth; Federal Bonding; Foreign Labor Certification; grants such as the National Emergency Grant (NEG); SEA (Special Excepted Appointment) Project; Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA); and the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC).[10]

Labor Market Statistics are also provided by the agency, including Industry and Occupational Employment Projections, Workforce Investment Area Data, Local Employment Dynamics, Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages; Current Employment Statistics; Local Area Unemployment Statistics; Occupational Employment Statistics; and Unemployment rates and UI statistics.[11]

Veterans' Priority services are provided by OESC as a condition of receiving U.S. Department of Labor funds for employment and training services for eligible residents and workers. Veterans receive priority referral for job openings and Department of Labor funded training programs.[12]


General contact information for the agency is provided but no direct contact information for executive staff or administrators.[13]

OESC Commission members are listed, along with meeting information. Individual contact information for the commissioners is not provided.[14]

The agency's 2011-2015 Strategic Plan is posted, although Annual Reports do not seem to be available.[15]

OESC press releases are posted on the agency website.[16]

Open Records Act information and procedures are not posted.

Budget and audit documents do not seem to be available.


Per an agency press release, the state's June 2011 unemployment rate, seasonally adjusted, was 5.3%, unchanged from May 2011. The national employment rate increased 0.1% to 9.2% in June. In June 2010, the state's unemployment rate was 7.0%.[17]

June 2011 Unemployment rate* Labor force* Employment* Unemployment*
Oklahoma 5.3% 1,730,410 1,637,920 92,490
United States 9.2% 153,421,000 139,334,000 14,087,000

*Data adjusted for seasonal factors

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