Enid Livestock Ordinance Referendum (2010)

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There was going to be a Enid Livestock Ordinance Referendum in Garfield County for voters in the city of Enid, but the petition was ruled as insufficient.

The city commissioners recently passed an ordinance that set strict guidelines for keeping animals and livestock within the city limits. The ordinance was controversial so advocates for animals passed along a petition and are trying to get a city wide vote on the ordinance. More than 500 signatures were submitted. The ordinance states that if you have under an acre of land you cannot own livestock on the property. Residents are split on the issue, many do not mind the animals but do not like the mess that is left behind by them. Some believe that if current laws were enforced better the ordinance would not be needed. City residents are trying to come up with a compromise, if the petition is allowed for a vote they will have their chance to say no.[1]

The petition was ruled insufficient because a copy was not filed with the county clerk's office before signatures were collected. There is still the opportunity though to get the measure on a later ballot if they are still able to collect the entire amount of signatures.[2]