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Eric Dondero

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Eric Dondero Rittberg, also known as Eric Dondero, is a libertarian, a blogger and a well-known initiative circulator. Dondero publishes the Mainstream Libertarian online news website.

Dondero has been described as "the Matt Drudge of Libertarian politics." He is the founder of the Republican Liberty Caucus, co-Founder of "Libertarians for Bush" in 2004 and "Draft Sarah Palin for VP" in 2008. Dondero is a former Libertarian Party National Committeeman, served as travel aide to Ron Paul during his 1987-88 campaign for President, organizer of Draft Ron Paul for President in 1991-92, congressional campaign coordination in 1995 and was Senior Aide to Paul from 1997-2003. He currently works as a petition consultant.[1][2]

Dondero is a certified Spanish interpreter and fluent in Italian, French and Portuguese. He is the author of "Worldwide Multilingual Phrase Book" and "Vacation Spanish."

2012 presidential election

Allegations against Paul

Congressman Ron Paul

In December 2011, accusations of racism against 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul began making headlines. The issue stemmed from comments made in newsletters published by the Ron Paul & Associates corporation in the 1980s and 90s. Oft cited of these has been a 1992 commentary titled “A Special Issue on Racial Terrorism,” which blamed the L.A. Riots on African-American men. “The criminals who terrorized our cities — in riots and on every non-riot day — are not exclusively young black males, but they largely are," the newletter states.[3] The articles in question, which have no bylines or signatures, also include anti-gay and anti-Israel writings. Paul denied writing the articles, stating, "I didn't write them. I disavow them. That's it."[4]

In the wake of the story, Dondero said he was contacted by various media for comments and that some of them twisted his words. He then took to the site on December 26 to "get the story right." In his article, Dondero writes that Paul "is most certainly intolerant of Spanish and those who speak strictly Spanish in his presence," "Anti-Israel, and Anti-Israeli in general," and "personally uncomfortable around homosexuals."[5]

Later that day, Paul spokesman Jesse Benton stated "Eric Dondero is a disgruntled former staffer who was fired for performance issues. He has zero credibility and should not be taken seriously." Dondero denied being fired and threatened to take Paul to court over the allegation. He says he resigned in 2003 over Paul's policy toward Iraq.[6]

Dondero launched a campaign for Paul's congressional seat in 2007, referring to Paul as a "complete nutcase" and calling his foreign policy views "near-treasonous." Mark Elam, Paul's spokesman at the time, referred to Dondero as "looney-tunes"[7] while Paul called him "a disgruntled former employee who was fired."[8]

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