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Eric Lemelson is a winermaker in Oregon. He is the vice-president and treasurer of The Lemelson Foundation.[1] (dead link) and has been a significant donor to Oregon ballot measures.

In 2007, Lemelson had given $1,025,000 by mid-October to Oregon Ballot Measure 49.

Lemelson donated $5,000 to the Democratic Party of Oregon in 2005 and $10,000 in 2006, as well as donating $2,500 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in 2004. In 2004, he also gave $50,500 to "Campaign Money Watch."[2]

Donations to defeat Measure 37

In 2004, Lemelson donated $550,500 to "No on 37" in five separate checks in an unsuccessful attempt to defeat Measure 37.[3] His donations represented 20% of the total donations given to the "No on 37" committee. Another $85,000 to defeat Measure 37 was provided by the Dorothy Lemelson Trust.

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