Evermore Community Improvement District recalls, Gwinnett County, Georgia, 2009

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Efforts to recall four members of the Evermore Community Improvement District in Gwinnett County were launched in early 2009.[1]

One set of recall petitions asked for the removal of Dwight Harrison and Kenny King, and another set of recall petitions asked that Dean Robinson and Ken Shiver be removed.

The dueling recall efforts were the latest in a feud among Evermore Community Improvement District board members that escalated after executive director Brett Harrell suddenly fired economic development manager David Stedman in December 2008.[1]

The firing prompted Dwight Harrison and Kenny King to push recall elections against Dean Robinson and Ken Shiver, two of the four board members allied with Harrell. Harrison and King are two of four members on the eight-member board who are concerned the CID has not spent enough time on economic development matters, and they largely blame Harrell.[1]

Board Chairman Gary Custar, a Harrell supporters, wanted the County Commission to exercise its prerogative under county law and call for a recall election naming Harrison and King.[1]

Recall results

In a recall election held in March 2009, Shiver and Robinson were recalled.[2]

Ken Shiver results:

  • Votes to keep Shiver: 17
  • Votes to remove Shiver: 73

Dean Robinson results:

  • Votes to keep Robinson: 18
  • Votes to remove Robinson: 69

Board Chairman Gary Custer initially said the results of the recall would not be recognized by the board: "Recall elections are not to be taken lightly. All requirements must be met. It's our opinion that this threshold has not been met in numerous ways."[2]

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