Federal judges nominated by George H.W. Bush

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Presidential nominations
George H.W. Bush, President from 1989-1993

George H.W. Bush was president of the United States from 1989 to 1993. During his time in office he had 188 judges successfully nominated and confirmed to the federal bench. Bush had one nominee withdrawn and 58 receiving no vote from the Senate.[1][2]

JudgeFinal post:Term:Previous Post:Term:Bachelors:Law:
Samuel AlitoSupreme Court1/31/2006-PresentThird Circuit Court of Appeals4/30/1990-1/31/2006Princeton University, 1972Yale Law, 1975
Clarence Thomas (Supreme Court)Supreme Court7/1/1991-PresentDistrict of Columbia Court of Appeals1990-1991College of the Holy Cross, 1971Yale Law School, 1974
David SouterSupreme Court10/3/1990-6/30/2009First Circuit1990-1990Harvard, 1961
Magdalen College, Oxford, 1963
Harvard Law, 1966
Edward NottinghamDistrict of Colorado11/27/1989 - 10/21/2008  Cornell University (1969)University of Colorado School of Law (1972)
Richard HaikWestern District of Louisiana05/30/1991-3/6/2015  University of Southwest Louisiana, 1971Loyola Law, 1975
Rebecca DohertyWestern District of Louisiana11/05/1991 - Present  Northwestern State U., Louisiana, B.A., 1973Louisiana State U. Law, J.D., 1981
Rudolph RandaEastern District of Wisconsin8/12/1992-Present  University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 1963University of Wisconsin Law School, 1966
Wayne AndersenNorthern District of Illinois11/18/1991 - 7/31/2010  Harvard University, 1967University of Illinois College of Law, 1970
George LindbergNorthern District of Illinois11/6/1989 - 6/21/2001  Northwestern U., B.S., 1954Northwestern U. School of Law, J.D., 1957
Philip ReinhardNorthern District of Illinois2/10/1992 - 1/12/2007  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, B.A., 1962University of Illinois College of Law, J.D., 1964
Samuel KentSouthern District of Texas10/1/1990 - 6/30/2009  University of Texas (1971)University of Texas School of Law (1975)
Joe McDadeCentral District of Illinois11/25/1991 - 2/28/2010Judge, Illinois Tenth Judicial Circuit Court1988-1991Bradley U., 1959University of Michigan Law School, 1963
John GilbertSouthern District of Illinois9/24/1992-3/15/2014  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1971Loyola U. Chicago School of Law, 1974
Robert ClelandEastern District of Michigan6/19/1990 - 3/1/2013  Michigan State U., B.A., 1969University of North Carolina School of Law, J.D., 1972
Nancy EdmundsEastern District of Michigan2/10/1992 - 8/1/2012  Cornell U., B.A., 1969Wayne State U. Law School, J.D., 1976
Gerald RosenEastern District of Michigan3/12/1990 - Present  Kalamazoo College, 1973George Washington U. Law School, 1979
Gordon QuistWestern District of Michigan06/30/1992 - 01/01/2006Attorney in private practice1962 - 1992Michigan State U., 1959George Washington U. Law School, 1962
Sandra BeckwithSouthern District of Ohio2/10/1992 - 1/1/2009  University of Cincinnati, B.A., 1965University of Cincinnati College of Law, J.D., 1968
Robert EcholsMiddle District of Tennessee3/18/1992 - 3/1/2007  Rhodes College, 1962University of Tennessee College of Law, 1964
Jon McCallaWestern District of Tennessee2/10/1992 - 8/23/2013  University of Tennessee, B.S., 1969Vanderbilt U. Law School, J.D., 1974
Daniel BreenWestern District of Tennessee3/14/2003 - PresentMagistrate Judge1991 - 2003Spring Hill College, B.A., 1972University of Tennessee, J.D., 1975
Joseph HoodEastern District of Kentucky4/30/1990-10/14/2007Magistrate judge1976-1990University of Kentucky, 1965University of Kentucky College of Law, 1972
John HeyburnWestern District of Kentucky8/17/1992-4/1/2014  Harvard College, A.B., 1970University of Kentucky College of Law, J.D., 1976
Richard KyleDistrict of Minnesota5/13/1992 - 5/31/2005  University of Minnesota, B.A., 1959University of Minnesota Law School, LL.B., 1962
Richard KopfDistrict of Nebraska05/26/1992-12/01/2011Magistrate Judge1987-1992Kearney State College (now U. of Nebraska at Kearney), 1969University of Nebraska College of Law, 1972
Warren UrbomDistrict of Nebraska4/24/1970 - 12/31/1990  Nebraska Wesleyan U., A.B., 1950University of Michigan Law School, J.D., 1953
Ronald LongstaffSouthern District of Iowa11/5/1991 - 11/5/2006Federal magistrate judge1968 - 1991Kansas State College, 1962University of Iowa College of Law, 1965
Susan CarterEastern District of Arkansas1/24/1990-8/22/2013Western District of Arkansas1/24/1990-12/1/1990Randolph-Macon Woman`s College, 1970University of Arkansas at Fayetteville School of Law, 1975
Jimm HendrenWestern District of Arkansas3/18/1992 - 12/31/2012  University of Arkansas, B.A., 1964University of Arkansas School of Law, LL.B., 1965
Carol JacksonEastern District of Missouri8/17/1992-PresentMagistrate judge, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri1986-1992Wellesley College, 1973University of Michigan Law School, 1976
Jean HamiltonEastern District of Missouri10/1/1990-7/1/2013  Wellesley College, 1968Washington University School of Law, 1971
Donald StohrEastern District of Missouri4/13/1992 - 12/31/2006  Saint Louis U. School, B.S., 1956Saint Louis U. School of Law, J.D., 1958
D. Brock HornbyDistrict of Maine04/30/1990 - 05/01/2010Associate justice, Maine Supreme Judicial Court1988 - 1990University of Western Ontario, 1965Harvard Law, 1969
Nathaniel GortonDistrict of Massachusetts9/24/1992 - Present  Dartmouth College, A.B., 1960Columbia Law, LL.B., 1966
Steven McAuliffeDistrict of New Hampshire10/10/1992 - 3/31/2013  Virginia Military Institute, B.A., 1970Georgetown U. Law, J.D., 1973
Paul BarbadoroDistrict of New Hampshire10/9/1992 - Present  Gettysburg College, B.A., 1977Boston College Law, J.D., 1980
Joseph DiClericoDistrict of New Hampshire8/17/1992 - 3/15/2007New Hampshire Superior Court1977-1991Williams College, B.A., 1963Yale Law, LL.B., 1966
Alfred CovelloDistrict of Connecticut8/17/1992 - 2/4/2003Connecticut Supreme Court1987-1992Harvard, B.A., 1954University of Connecticut Law, J.D., 1960
Denis HurleyEastern District of New York11/05/1991 - 12/17/2004Supreme Court of the State of New York, Acting Justice1987 - 1988University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business, B.S., 1959Fordham University School of Law, J.D., 1966
Sterling JohnsonEastern District of New York07/02/1991 - 05/31/2003  Brooklyn College, B.A., 1963Brooklyn Law School, LL.B., 1966
Arthur SpattEastern District of New York11/27/1989 - 11/30/20042nd Judicial Department of New York, Associate justice, Appellate Division1986 - 1989Brooklyn Law, LL.B., 1949
Carol AmonEastern District of New York08/07/1990 - PresentEastern District of New York, Magistrate judge1986 - 1990William and Mary, B.A., 1968Virginia Law, J.D., 1971
Frederick ScullinNorthern District of New York02/10/1992 - 03/12/2006U.S. attorney, Northern District of New York1982 - 1992Niagara U., 1961Syracuse U. Law, 1964
Lawrence McKennaSouthern District of New York04/30/1990 - 05/23/2002  Fordham College, A.B., 1956Columbia Law, LL.B., 1959
Loretta PreskaSouthern District of New York8/12/1992-Present  College of St. Rose, 1970Fordham University Law, 1973
William SkretnyWestern District of New York08/07/1990-3/8/2015  Canisius College, 1966Howard Law, 1969
Sue RobinsonDistrict of Delaware11/18/1991 - PresentDistrict Court for the District of Delaware, Magistrate Judge1988 - 1991University of Delaware, B.A., 1974University of Pennsylvania Law, J.D., 1978
Mary CooperDistrict of New Jersey03/02/1992 - 8/31/2011  Bryn Mawr College, A.B., 1968Villanova U. Law, J.D., 1972
Joseph IrenasDistrict of New Jersey04/13/1992 - 06/30/2002  Princeton, A.B., 1962Harvard Law, J.D., 1965
Jerome SimandleDistrict of New Jersey05/26/1992 - Present  Princeton, B.S.E., 1971University of Pennsylvania Law School, J.D., 1976
Harvey BartleEastern District of Pennsylvania09/16/1991 - 10/1/2011  Princeton, B.A., 1962University of Pennsylvania Law, LL.B., 1965
Ronald BuckwalterEastern District of Pennsylvania03/12/1990 - 12/10/2003Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas, Judge1980 - 1990Franklin and Marshall College, A.B., 1958College of William and Mary Law, B.C.L., 1962
William YohnEastern District of Pennsylvania09/16/1991 - 11/19/2003Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas, Judge1981 - 1991Princeton, B.A., 1957Yale Law, J.D., 1960
John PadovaEastern District of Pennsylvania03/18/1992 - 02/10/2008  Villanova U., A.B., 1956Temple U. Law, J.D., 1959
Stewart DalzellEastern District of Pennsylvania09/16/1991-10/31/2013  University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business, 1965University of Pennsylvania Law School, 1969
Curtis JoynerEastern District of Pennsylvania04/13/1992-5/1/2013Chester County Court of Common Pleas, Judge1987-1992Central State U., Ohio, B.S., 1971Howard U. Law, J.D., 1974
Eduardo RobrenoEastern District of Pennsylvania06/30/1992-8/31/2012  Westfield State College, 1967Rutgers University Law, 1978
Anita BrodyEastern District of Pennsylvania10/02/1992 - 06/07/2009Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas, Judge1981 - 1992Wellesley College, B.A., 1955Columbia Law, J.D., 1958
Alice BatchelderSixth Circuit12/2/1991-PresentJudge, Northern District of Ohio1985-1991Ohio Wesleyan University, 1964Akron University Law, 1971
Richard SuhrheinrichSixth Circuit7/10/1990-8/15/2001Eastern District of Michigan1984-1990Wayne State University, 1960Detroit College of Law, 1963
James McClureMiddle District of Pennsylvania4/30/1990 - 4/7/2001Court of Common Pleas for the 17th Judicial District of Pennsylvania1984-1990Amherst College, A.B., 1952University of Pennsylvania Law, J.D., 1957
Kathryn VratilDistrict of Kansas10/9/1992-4/22/2014Municipal Court Judge, Prairie Village, KS1990-1992University of Kansas, 1971University of Kansas Law, 1975
Monti BelotDistrict of Kansas11/25/1991-3/4/2008  University of Kansas, 1965University of Kansas Law, 1968
John LungstrumDistrict of Kansas11/5/1991-11/2/2010  Yale University, 1967University of Kansas School of Law, 1970
Curtis HansenDistrict of New Mexico10/2/1992 - 4/18/2003  University of Iowa, 1956University of New Mexico Law, 1961
James A. ParkerDistrict of New Mexico11/6/1987-9/1/2003Attorney in private practice1969-1982Rice University, 1959University of Texas School of Law, 1962
Dee BensonDistrict of Utah9/16/1991 - 1/1/2014  Brigham Young University, 1973Brigham Young University Law, 1976
Robin CauthronWestern District of Oklahoma3/25/1991 - PresentWestern District of Oklahoma, Magistrate Judge1986 - 1991University of Oklahoma, B.A., 1970University of Oklahoma Law, J.D., 1977
Timothy LeonardWestern District of Oklahoma8/12/1992 - 8/21/2006  University of Oklahoma, 1962University of Oklahoma College of Law, 1965
William AlbrittonMiddle District of Alabama5/14/1991 - 5/17/2004  University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, B.A., 1959University of Alabama Law, LL.B., 1960
Sharon BlackburnNorthern District of Alabama5/30/1991 - Present  University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, B.A., 1973Samford U. Law, J.D., 1977
Conrad CyrFirst Circuit11/20/1989-1/31/1997District of Maine1981-1989Holy Cross College, 1953Yale Law School, 1956
Morton BrodyDistrict of Maine7/25/1991-3/25/2000Maine Supreme Judicial Court1990-1991Bates College, B.A., 1955University of Chicago Law, J.D., 1958
Norman StahlFirst Circuit6/30/1992-4/16/2001District of New Hampshire1990-1992Tufts University, 1952Harvard Law, 1955
Michael BoudinFirst Circuit5/26/1992-6/1/2013D.C. District Court1990-1992Harvard University, 1961Harvard Law, 1964
Harvey SchlesingerMiddle District of Florida7/2/1991 - 6/5/2006  The Citadel, B.A., 1962T.C. Williams School of Law, J.D., 1965
Anne ConwayMiddle District of Florida11/25/1991-Present  John Carroll University, 1972University of Florida Law, 1975
Steven MerrydayMiddle District of Florida2/10/1992 - Present  University of Florida, B.A., 1972University of Florida Law, J.D., 1975
Lacey CollierNorthern District of Florida11/18/1991 - 11/20/2003  U.S. Naval Academy Post-Graduate School, B.A., 1970, University of West Florida, B.A., 1975Florida State College of Law, J.D., 1977
Ilana RovnerSeventh Circuit8/17/1992-PresentNorthern District of Illinois1984-1992Bryn Mawr College, 1960Chicago-Kent Law, 1966
Federico MorenoSouthern District of Florida7/16/1990 - PresentEleventh Judicial Circuit Court of Florida1987-1990University of Notre Dame, B.A., 1974University of Miami Law School, J.D., 1978
Shelby HighsmithSouthern District of Florida9/16/1991 - 3/15/2002  University of Kansas, LL.B., 1958
Donald GrahamSouthern District of Florida9/16/1991-12/15/2013  West Virginia State College, 1971Ohio State U. Law, 1974
Ursula UngaroSouthern District of Florida10/9/1992 - Present  University of Miami-Florida, B.A., 1973University of Florida Law, J.D., 1975
Kevin M. MooreSouthern District of Florida2/10/1992 - Present  Florida State U., B.A., 1972Fordham U. Law, J.D., 1976
David R. HansenEighth Circuit11/18/1991 - 4/1/2003Northern District of Iowa1986-1991Northwest Missouri State U. '60George Washington U. Law '63
Fernando GaitanWestern District of Missouri8/2/1991-1/3/2014  Pittsburg State U., Pittsburg, Kansas, 1970University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, 1974
David McKeagueSixth Circuit6/10/2005-PresentWestern District of Michigan1992-2005University of Michigan, 1968University of Michigan Law, 1971
Julie CarnesEleventh Circuit7/21/2014-Present  University of Georgia, 1972University of Georgia Law, 1975
Morris ArnoldEighth Circuit05/26/1992 - 10/09/2006Judge, Western District of Arkansas1985-1992University of Arkansas '65University of Arkansas '68
James LokenEighth Circuit9/10/1990 - Present  University of Wisconsin '62Harvard Law '65
Michael MelloyEighth Circuit02/14/2002 - 02/01/2013Northern District of Iowa08/17/1992 - 02/26/2002Loras College, 1970University of Iowa College of Law, 1974
Paul KellyTenth Circuit4/13/1992 - Present  Notre Dame '63Fordham Law '67
Stanley Birch  
Joel DubinaEleventh Circuit9/15/1986 - 10/26/2013Middle District of Alabama1986-1990University of Alabama, B.S., 1970Samford U. Law, J.D., 1973
Susan Black (Eleventh Circuit)Eleventh Circuit8/12/1992 - 2/25/2011Middle District of Florida1979-1992Florida State U. '64University of Florida Law '67
Sonia SotomayorSupreme Court8/6/2009-PresentSecond Circuit1998-2009Princeton University, 1976Yale Law School, 1979
Edward CarnesEleventh Circuit9/10/1992 - Present  University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, B.S., 1972Harvard Law, J.D., 1975
Dennis JacobsSecond Circuit10/2/1992-Present  Queens College CUNY, 1964New York University, 1973
John WalkerSecond Circuit11/27/1989-10/1/2006Southern District of New York1985-1989Yale University, 1962University Michigan Law, 1966
Joseph McLaughlin (Second Circuit)Second Circuit10/17/1990-3/20/1998Eastern District of New York1981-1990Fordham College, 1954Fordham University Law, 1959
Fred ParkerSecond Circuit10/11/1994 - 8/12/2003District of Vermont8/7/1990 - 10/11/1994University of Massachusetts, B.A., 1962Georgetown U. Law, J.D., 1965
Harold DeMossFifth Circuit12/02/1991-6/30/2007  Rice University, 1952University of Texas School of Law, 1955
Edith ClementFifth Circuit11/25/1991-PresentEastern District of Louisiana1991-2001University of Alabama, 1969Tulane Law School, 1972
Emilio GarzaFifth Circuit5/30/1991-8/1/2012Western District of Texas1988-1991University of Notre Dame, 1969University of Texas School of Law, 1976
Jacques WienerFifth Circuit3/12/1990-9/29/2010  Tulane University, 1956Tulane Law School, 1961
Rhesa BarksdaleFifth Circuit3/12/1990-8/08/2009  U.S. Military Academy, West Point, 1996University of Mississippi Law School, 1972
Charles PickeringSouthern District of Mississippi1/16/2004 - 12/8/2004  Jones County Junior College (1957), University of Mississippi (1959)University of Mississippi Law School (1961)
Karen J. WilliamsFourth Circuit3/2/1992 - 7/8/2009  Columbia '72U. of South Carolina Law '80
Clyde HamiltonFourth Circuit7/22/1991-11/30/1999District of South Carolina1981-1991Wofford College, 1956George Washington University Law, 1961
Paul NiemeyerFourth Circuit8/7/1990-PresentDistrict of Maryland1988-1990Kenyon College, 1962Notre Dame Law, 1966
William TraxlerFourth Circuit10/1/1998-PresentDistrict of South Carolina1992-1998Davidson College, 1970University of South Carolina Law, 1973
Dennis SheddFourth Circuit11/19/2002-PresentDistrict of South Carolina1990-2002Wofford College, 1975University of South Carolina Law, 1978
Michael Luttig  
Jane RothThird Circuit07/02/1991 - 05/31/2006District of Delaware1985-1991Smith College '56Harvard Law '65
Timothy Lewis (Pennsylvania)Third Circuit10/9/1992 - 6/30/1999Western District of Pennsylvania6/18/1991 - 10/23/1992Tufts University (1976)Duquesne University School of Law (1980)
Henry MorganEastern District of Virginia04/13/1992 - 02/07/2004  Washington and Lee U., B.S., 1957Washington and Lee U. Law, J.D., 1960
Rebecca SmithEastern District of Virginia10/25/1989 - PresentEastern District of Virginia, Magistrate Judge1985 - 1989College of William and Mary, B.A., 1971College of William and Mary Law, J.D., 1979
Robert PayneEastern District of Virginia05/13/1992 - 05/06/2007  Washington and Lee U., B.A., 1963Washington and Lee U. Law, J.D., 1967
Samuel WilsonWestern District of Virginia5/14/1990-7/31/2014Magistrate Judge, Western District of Virginia1976-1981University of Richmond, 1971Wake Forest Law, 1974
Frederick StampNorthern District of West Virginia07/12/1990 - 10/31/2006  Washington and Lee U., B.A., 1956University of Richmond, T.C. Williams School of Law, LL.B., 1959
Irene KeeleyNorthern District of West Virginia08/12/1992 - Present  College of Notre Dame of Maryland, B.A., 1965West Virginia U. Law, J.D., 1980
David FaberSouthern District of West Virginia11/25/1991 - 12/30/2008  West Virginia U., A.B., 1964Yale Law, J.D., 1967
Benson LeggDistrict of Maryland09/16/1991 - 6/8/2012  Princeton, A.B., 1970University of Virginia Law, J.D., 1973
Marvin GarbisDistrict of Maryland10/25/1989 - 06/13/2003  Johns Hopkins U., B.E.S., 1958Harvard Law, J.D., 1961
William M. NickersonDistrict of Maryland05/14/1990 - 06/10/2002Maryland Third Circuit, Associate Judge1985 - 1990University of Virginia, B.A., 1955University of Maryland Law, LL.B., 1962
Henry HerlongDistrict of South Carolina5/14/1991-5/31/2009Magistrate Judge, District of South Carolina1986 - 1991Clemson University, 1967University of South Carolina Law, 1970
Graham MullenWestern District of North Carolina09/11/1990 - 11/30/2005  Duke U., B.A., 1962Duke U. Law, J.D., 1969
David BramletteSouthern District of Mississippi11/25/1991 - 03/19/2006Adams County Court, JudgePrinceton, B.A., 1962University of Mississippi Law, J.D., 1965
Jorge SolisNorthern District of Texas9/16/1991 - PresentTexas District 350, District Judge1989 - 1991McMurry College, B.A., 1973University of Texas School of Law, J.D., 1976
Terry MeansNorthern District of Texas11/5/1991 - 7/3/2013Texas Tenth District Court of Appeals, Justice1989 - 1991Southern Methodist U., B.A., 1971Southern Methodist U. School of Law, J.D., 1974
Reed O'ConnorNorthern District of Texas11/21/2007-Present  University of Houston 1986South Texas College of Law, 1989
Melinda HarmonSouthern District of Texas05/22/1989 - PresentTexas District 280, Judge1988 - 1989Harvard-Radcliffe College, A.B., 1969University of Texas Law, J.D., 1972
John RaineySouthern District of Texas05/14/1990 - 06/10/2010Texas District 149, Judge1987 - 1990Southern Methodist U., B.B.A., 1967Southern Methodist U. Law, J.D., 1972
Lee RosenthalSouthern District of Texas05/13/1992 - Present  University of Chicago, B.A., 1974University of Chicago Law, J.D., 1977
Ewing WerleinSouthern District of Texas04/13/1992 - 12/31/2005  Southern Methodist U., B.A., 1958University of Texas Law, LL.B., 1961
Sam SparksWestern District of Texas11/25/1991 - Present  University of Texas, B.A., 1961University of Texas Law, LL.B., 1963
John RollDistrict of Arizona11/25/1991 - 1/8/2011  University of Arizona, B.A., 1969University of Arizona College of Law, J.D., 1972; U. of Virginia School of Law, LL.M., 1990
Stephen McNameeDistrict of Arizona6/4/1990 - 10/1/2007  University of Cincinnati, B.A., 1964University of Arizona College of Law, J.D., 1969
John SedwickDistrict of Alaska10/9/1992-3/13/2011  Dartmouth College, 1968Harvard Law School, 1972
James SingletonDistrict of Alaska5/14/1990 - 1/27/2005  University of California, Berkeley, A.B., 1961University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law, LL.B., 1964
Jack ShanstromDistrict of Montana5/14/1990 - 1/30/2001Federal magistrate judge1983-1990University of Montana, 1956University of Montana School of Law, 1957
Edward LodgeDistrict of Idaho11/27/1989-Present  College of Idaho, 1957University of Idaho, 1961
Michael HoganDistrict of Oregon9/16/1991-9/24/2011  University of Oregon, 1968Georgetown University Law Center, 1971
Robert E. JonesDistrict of Oregon4/30/1990-5/1/2000  University of Hawaii, 1949Northwestern School of Law of Lewis & Clark College, 1953
Vaughn WalkerNorthern District of California11/27/1989 - 2/28/2011  University of Michigan, A.B., 1966Stanford Law School, J.D., 1970
Saundra ArmstrongNorthern District of California6/18/1991 - 3/23/2012  California State U., Fresno, B.A., 1969University of San Francisco School of Law, J.D., 1977
James WareNorthern District of California10/1/1990 - 8/31/2012  California Lutheran U., B.A., 1969Stanford Law School, J.D., 1972
Ronald WhyteNorthern District of California2/10/1992 - 3/2/2009  Wesleyan University, 1964University of Southern California Law School, 1967
Garland BurrellEastern District of CaliforniaMarch 2, 1992 - 7/4/2012  California State U., Los Angeles, B.A., 1972California Western School of Law, San Diego, J.D., 1976
William ShubbEastern District of California10/1/1990 - 11/1/2004  University of California, Berkeley, A.B., 1960University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law, J.D., 1963
Oliver WangerEastern District of California3/25/1991 - 5/31/2006  University of Southern California, B.S., 1963University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law, LL.B., 1966
Frank NebekerUnited States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims10/1989-11/2000District of Columbia Court of Appeals1969-1989University of UtahAmerican University Law School
Annice WagnerDistrict of Columbia Court of Appeals1994-2005Judge, District of Columbia Superior Court
Irma GonzalezSouthern District of California8/12/1992 - 3/29/2013Superior Court Judge, California Superior Court, San Diego County1991-1992Stanford U., B.A., 1970University of Arizona College of Law, J.D., 1973
Marilyn HuffSouthern District of California5/14/1991 - Present  Calvin College, B.A., 1972University of Michigan Law School, J.D., 1976
William NielsenEastern District of Washington5/14/1991 - 5/30/2003  University of Washington, B.A., 1956University of Washington School of Law, LL.B., 1962
Pamela RymerNinth Circuit5/22/1989 - 9/2011Central District of California1983 - 1989Vassar College 1961Stanford Law School 1964
Andrew KleinfeldNinth Circuit9/16/1991 - 6/12/2010District of Alaska1986-1991Wesleyan University 1966Harvard Law School 1969
Thomas G. NelsonNinth Circuit10/17/1990-11/14/2003Private practice in Idaho1965 - 1990University of Idaho College of Law, 1962
Ferdinand Francis FernandezNinth Circuit5/22/1989-6/1/2002Central District of California1985 - 1989University of Southern California, 1958University of Southern California Law School, 1962
Eugene SilerSixth Circuit9/16/1991-12/31/2001Eastern District of Kentucky11/13/1975-9/20/1991Vanderbilt University, 1958University of Virginia School of Law, 1963
Karen HendersonD.C. Circuit07/05/1990-PresentJudge, District of South Carolina1986-1990Duke University, 1966University of North Carolina Law, 1969
Arthur RandolphD.C. Circuit07/16/1990 - 11/01/2008Attorney in private practice1977 - 1990Drexel U., 1966University of Pennsylvania Law, 1969
Alvin SchallCourt of Appeals, Federal Circuit8/17/1992 - 10/5/2009Assistant to U.S. Attorney General1988 - 1992Princeton U., 1966Tulane Law, 1969
Randall RaderCourt of Appeals, Federal Circuit8/9/1990-6/30/2014Judge, United States Court of Claims1988-1990Brigham Young University, 1974George Washington University Law, 1978
Alan LourieCourt of Appeals, Federal Circuit4/6/1990-PresentCounsel, SmithKline Beecham Corporation1964-1990Harvard U., 1956Temple U. Law, 1970
Sheldon PlagerCourt of Appeals, Federal Circuit11/11/1989 - 11/30/2000Administrator, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, U.S. Office of Management and Budget1988 - 1989University of North Carolina, 1952University Florida Law, 1958
Raymond ClevengerCourt of Appeals, Federal Circuit4/30/1990 - 2/1/2006Private practice, Washington, D.C.1967 - 1990Yale U., 1959Yale Law, 1966
Louis FreehSouthern District of New York5/30/1991 - 8/31/1993  Rutgers College (1971)Rutgers University School of Law (1974), New York University School of Law (1984)
Roderick McKelvieDistrict of Delaware3/2/1992 - 6/28/2002  Harvard University (1968)University of Pennsylvania Law School (1973)
William BasslerDistrict of New Jersey9/16/1991 - 3/6/2005  Fordham University (1960)Georgetown University Law Center (1963), New York University School of Law (1969)
Donald LeeWestern District of Pennsylvania3/12/1990 - 4/5/2000  University of Pittsburgh (1950)Duquesne University School of Law (1954)
Richard Goldberg (Federal judge)United States Court of International Trade3/25/1991-4/2/2001  University of Miami, 1950University of Miami Law, 1952
William Osteen, Sr.Middle District of North Carolina6/17/1991 - 4/2/2006  Guilford College (1953)University of North Carolina School of Law (1956)
John McBrydeNorthern District of Texas8/7/1990 - Present  Texas Christian University, B.S., 1953University of Texas School of Law, LL.B., 1956
Elton KendallNorthern District of Texas5/15/1992 - 1/22/2002  Southern Methodist University (1977)Baylor University School of Law (1980)
Paul MatiaNorthern District of Ohio11/18/1991 - 12/31/2004  Western Reserve U., B.A., 1959Harvard Law School, J.D., 1962
David LeviEastern District of California10/1/1990 - 6/30/2007  Harvard U., A.B., 1972Stanford Law School, J.D., 1980
Lourdes BairdCentral District of California8/12/1992 - 5/12/2004  University of California (1973)University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law (1976)
Robert BonnerCentral District of California5/24/1989 - 8/12/1990  University of Maryland (1963)Georgetown University Law Center (1966)
Linda McLaughlinCentral District of California8/17/1992 - 3/7/1999  Stanford University (1963)University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law (1966)
Daniel SparrDistrict of Colorado4/6/1990 - 5/1/2001  University of Denver, 1952University of Denver College of Law, 1966
Ira De MentMiddle District of Alabama3/18/1992 - 4/15/2002  University of Alabama, B.S., 1953University of Alabama School of Law, J.D., 1958
Edwin NelsonNorthern District of Alabama1/24/1990 - 5/17/2003  Samford University, Cumberland School of Law (1969)
Ralph NimmonsMiddle District of Florida7/2/1991 - 11/24/2003  University of Florida (1960)University of Florida College of Law (1963)
Gary L. TaylorCentral District of California10/1/1990 - 12/8/2004  University of California, Los Angeles (1960)University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law (1963)
Barbara CaulfieldNorthern District of California11/5/1991 - 9/16/1994  Northwestern University (1969)Northwestern University School of Law (1972)
George VanBebberDistrict of Kansas12/8/1989 - 12/31/2000  University of Kansas, B.A., 1953University of Kansas Law, LL.B., 1955
Richard VollmerSouthern District of Alabama5/14/1990 - 12/31/2000  University of Alabama School of Law, LL.B., 1953
John S. MartinSouthern District of New York4/6/1990 - 9/30/2003  Manhattan College, 1957Columbia Law School, (LL.B.) 1961
John H. Bayly, Jr.Superior Court of the District of Columbia9/5/1990-4/22/2011Attorney, Stein, Mitchell & Mezines1989-1990Fordham CollegeHarvard Law School
Wendell P. Gardner, Jr.Superior Court of the District of Columbia1991-PresentPartner, Houston & Gardner1984-1991Howard University, 1969The Catholic University of America, 1976
William M. JacksonSuperior Court of the District of Columbia1992-PresentUnited States Attorney's OfficeBrown UniversityHarvard Law School
Ann O'Regan KearySuperior Court of the District of Columbia1992-PresentDeputy Corporation Counsel, Mental Health Division, Office of Corporation Counsel1987-1992Wellesley CollegeGeorge Washington University National Law Center
Judith E. RetchinSuperior Court of the District of Columbia1992-2010  George Washington University, 1974Catholic University of America, 1978
Frederick H. WeisbergSuperior Court of the District of Columbia1977-PresentChief of the Appellate Division, Public Defender Service1974-1977Cornell University, 1965University of Michigan, 1968
Joan ZeldonDistrict of Columbia Superior Court1990-2011Attorney, private practiceSmith CollegeNew York University Law School
Frederick DorseySuperior Court of the District of Columbia1990-2003  Ohio Wesleyan University, 1963Georgetown University Law Center, 1972
Stephen G. MillikenSuperior Court of the District of Columbia  
Gregory MizeSuperior Court of the District of Columbia9/7/1990-3/12/2002General Counsel for the D.C. Council on the Judiciary1983-1990Loyola University, 1968Georgetown University Law Center, 1973
Patricia A. WynnSuperior Court of the District of Columbia1990-Present  Radcliffe CollegeYale University
James S. HalpernUnited States Tax Court7/3/1990-Present  University of Pennsylvania, 1967University of Pennsylvania Law School, 1972
Renato BegheUnited States Tax Court3/21/1991 - 2/28/2003  University of Chicago, A.B., 1951University of Chicago, J.D., 1954
Carolyn P. ChiechiUnited States Tax Court10/1/1992-9/30/2007Partner, Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan1976-1992Georgetown University, 1965Georgetown University, 1969
David LaroUnited States Tax Court11/2/1992-11/1/2007  University of Michigan, 1964University of Illinois Law School, 1967
Robert H. Hodges, Jr.United States Court of Federal Claims3/12/1990 - 2005  University of South Carolina, B.S., 1966University of South Carolina Law, J.D., 1969
Robert WissUnited States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces1/2/1992 - 10/23/1995  
H.F. GierkeUnited States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces11/20/1991-9/30/2006  
Susan CrawfordUnited States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces11/19/1991-9/30/200  
Ronald HoldawayUnited States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims1990-11/2002  University of Wyoming, 1957University of Wyoming Law, 1959
Kenneth KramerUnited States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims1989-9/14/2004  University of Illinois, Champaign, 1963Harvard Law Scchool, 1966
John Farley, IIIUnited States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims9/1989 - 2004  College of the Holy Cross, A.B., 1964Hofstra U. Law, J.D., 1973
Donald IversUnited States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims8/6/1990-8/2005  University of New MexicoAmerican University
Jonathan Steinberg (Veterans Claims)United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims8/1990 - 8/2005  Cornell, B.A., 1960University of Pennsylvania Law, L.L.B., 1963
Hart MankinUnited States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims8/1990 - 5/28/1996  University of the South, B.A.University of Houston, J.D.
Jose M. LopezSuperior Court of the District of Columbia1990-Present  Middlebury College, 1973Suffolk University Law School, 1977
John S. UnpingcoUnited States District Court of Guam1992-2004  St. Louis U., B.A.New York U., J.D.

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