Federally appointed officials of the United States

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This page lists the current federally appointed officials in the Obama administration.

Federally appointed officials

U.S. Cabinet members

This is a list of the current executive cabinet members of the Obama administration including when they were confirmed and their positions:
Anthony FoxxJune 27, 2013U.S. Secretary of Transportation
Arne DuncanJanuary 20, 2009U.S. Secretary of Education
Chuck HagelFebruary 26, 2013U.S. Secretary of Defense
Eric HolderFebruary 2, 2009U.S. Attorney General
Ernest MonizMay 16, 2013U.S. Secretary of Energy
Jack LewFebruary 27, 2013U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
Jeh JohnsonDecember 16, 2013U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security
John KerryJanuary 29, 2013U.S. Secretary of State
Julian CastroJuly 9, 2014U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Penny PritzkerJune 25, 2013U.S. Secretary of Commerce
Robert McDonaldJuly 29, 2014U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Sally JewellApril 10, 2013U.S. Secretary of the Interior
Sylvia Mathews BurwellJune 5, 2014U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services
Tom PerezJuly 18, 2013U.S. Secretary of Labor
Tom VilsackJanuary 20, 2009U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

Cabinet-level officials

This is a list of the current cabinet-level officials of the Obama administration including their confirmation dates and their positions:
Denis McDonoughN/AWhite House Chief of Staff
Gina McCarthyJuly 18, 2013Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency
Jason FurmanAugust 1, 2013Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers
Maria Contreras-SweetMarch 27, 2014Administrator of the Small Business Administration
Michael FromanJune 19, 2013United States Trade Representative
Samantha PowerAugust 1, 2013U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

Other appointed officials

This is a list of the other current federal officials of the Obama administration including their confirmation dates and their positions:
B. Todd JonesJuly 31, 2013Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
Douglas ElmendorfN/ADirector of the Congressional Budget Office
James ComeyJuly 29, 2013Director of the FBI
Janet YellenJanuary 6, 2014Chair of the Federal Reserve
John BrennanMarch 7, 2013Director of the CIA
John ThompsonAugust 1, 2013Director of the Census Bureau
John A. KoskinenDecember 20, 2013IRS Commissioner
Josh EarnestN/AWhite House Press Secretary
Lee E. GoodmanSeptember 23, 2013Chair of the Federal Election Commission
Marilyn TavennerMay 15, 2013Director of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Melvin L. WattDecember 10, 2013Director of Federal Housing Finance Agency
Michael HuertaJanuary 1, 2013Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration
Michael S. BlackN/ADirector of the Bureau of Indian Affairs
Michele LeonhartDecember 22, 2010Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Agency
Richard CordrayJuly 16, 2013Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Susan RiceN/ANational Security Advisor
Tom FriedenN/ADirector of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Tom WheelerOctober 29, 2013Chair of the Federal Communications Commission

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