Fifteen primary runoff elections to be held in North Carolina, one declined

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May 31, 2012

By: Joshua Williams

Contact: Brittany Clingen

North Carolina

RALEIGH, North Carolina: The North Carolina State Board of Elections has announced that 15 primary runoff elections will be held on July 17 at the request of candidates, while a potential runoff for state auditor was declined.

Under North Carolina law, runoff primary elections can be called for the top two vote-receiving candidates in a primary election if no candidate received more than 40 percent of the total vote. However, the primary runoff must be requested for it to be held. The eligible candidates this year had until May 17 to make the request.[1]

The only eligible candidate to not request a runoff was a Republican candidate for the state auditor, Greg Dority. Dority stated on his Facebook campaign website that his decision was because of an "overwhelming need to bring [the Republican] party together and construct [their] best scenario for victory in November." He also noted that his chances of victory over leading candidate Debra Goldman in the runoff were not strong.[2][1]

According to the Board of Elections, the fifteen runoffs are as follows:[3]
Congressional races

State executive official races

State legislature races

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