Filed initiatives rise even more in April, most in Washington

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May 5, 2010


By Al Ortiz

Petition drives are beginning to heat up in some states, as Ballotpedia's count of filed initiatives for the 2010 ballot grew once again last month. The net count grew by 29, which is significantly less than March, when the count grew by nearly 100. Two states had their number of filed initiatives decrease, with California's shaved from 98 to 96, and Missouri moving down from 24 to 23. The filed initiatives in Washington grew the most out of any state, with its count rising significantly from 35 to an astonishing 61. Washington's petition drive deadline is July 2, 2010.[1][2]

April was also a busy month for petition organizers, as deadlines passed in three states to turn in signatures. Those states were South Dakota (April 6, 2010), Utah (April 15, 2010) and Idaho (April 30, 2010).

In other initiative news, proposed measures that are gaining much attention in their respective states include the Missouri Dog Breeding Regulation Initiative and the Arizona Medical Marijuana Question. Both proposed measures have filed their signatures, which are being reviewed for ballot consideration. Missouri's petition drive deadline was May 2, 2010 and Arizona's is July 1, 2010.

Initiatives that Ballotpedia includes in its count include initiatives that were withdrawn or abandoned after they were filed, initiatives that failed to qualify for the ballot because they missed a petition drive deadline, initiatives that were filed in states with a rolling petition deadline that might still qualify for the 2011 ballot or 2012 ballot, multiple versions of what appears to basically be the same initiative, and initiatives that have already qualified for a 2010 ballot.

Ballotpedia's count of filed initiatives does not count ballot measures proposed by a state legislature and initiatives that groups have said they are going to file, but have not actually filed.

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  1. On May 2, 2010 a total of 23 filed initiatives "approved for circulation" were listed on the secretary of state's website; a lower number than previously reported. There is no indication on the state website why the number has decreased; whether it be because initiatives were withdrawn, expired or were duplicates.
  2. The number of "filed initiatives" listed on Ballotpedia's filed initiatives count as of May 4, 2010 for California includes 71 that are approved for circulation|cleared for circulation]], 2 that are pending signature verification, 17 that are known to have failed to qualify, 3 that are pending at the attorney general's office and 3 that have been certified for the ballot (2 for June and 1 for November). These figures are as given on the California Secretary of State's website as of May 4, 2010.