Filer Mayor and City Council recall, Idaho (2014)

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An effort to recall Mayor Rick Dunn and city council members Ruby Hite, Joe Lineberry, Don Barkley and Russell "Bud" Sheridan in Filer, Idaho from their positions was launched in late March 2014.[1][2][3] reported on July 8, 2014, that the recall effort "fell far short" of gathering the required number of signatures.[4]

Recall proponent arguments

The effort stems from the mayor's and council's failure to terminate the employment of police officer Tarek Hassani. In February, Hassani fatally shot a dog running loose in a west Filer neighborhood.[1][2][3]

The administrator of the Facebook page promoting the recall effort said, "We are doing this because it is just, and our right to see the future that our town deserves. ... We feel [city officials] are not listening to us." The identity of the Facebook page administrator is not known.[1][2][3]

Officials' responses

Dunn said, "There is a [recall] process and people are very much entitled to try it."[1]

Path to the ballot

See also: Laws governing recall in Idaho

The mayor and city council were sworn into office on January 7, 2014. State law prohibits the recall of officials in the first 90 days of their terms. Recall proponents submitted valid prospective petitions on April 8, 2014. Recall proponents had to collect 20 valid signatures for the prospective petitions. Recall supporters had 75 days from the date they submitted the prospective petitions to collect the 201 valid signatures needed to trigger a recall (either June 20 or June 23, 2014). In the event that all members of the city council and the mayor are recalled, the Office of the Governor would appoint enough council members to establish a quorum. Those members would then appoint the remaining council members and the mayor.[1][2][3][5][6][7][8] reported in early June 2014 that the recall group's Facebook page had seen no activity since April 28, 2014, leading some to believe that the effort had stalled. Dunn said, "The last I knew, the petitions were sitting on a counter in a cafe. I think we [council members] have purposely stayed out of it to let the process work.[8]

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