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Filing report: Small group of state executive hopefuls so far in Indiana

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February 10, 2014


By Maresa Strano

Indianapolis, Indiana: Three state executive positions are up for election in 2014 in the state of Indiana: secretary of state, state auditor and state treasurer.

Indiana is one of 21 states with a mixed primary system. Voters are not required to register with a party, but the ballot they get depends on which party they have voted for most often in the past.[1] The primary election is scheduled for May 6, 2014.

However, this does not concern any of the three state-row seats mentioned earlier: In Indiana, both major parties conduct statewide primary conventions to nominate candidates for all elected executive offices, with the exception of governor.[2] The Democratic primary convention took place May 31, 2014, with the filing deadline set for May 23, 2014.[3] The Republican Party will hold its convention the following week, on June 6-7.[4]

Of the three incumbents, two - Secretary of State Connie Lawson (R) and Auditor Suzanne Crouch (R) - are seeking re-election. The third incumbent, Treasurer Richard Mourdock (R), is barred by term limits from running again in 2014.

So far, a total of five Republicans and two Democrats have filed for the three offices.

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