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Flagler Beach City Charter Amendments, 9 (March 2010)

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There were nine Flagler Beach City Charter Amendments on the March 2 ballot in Flagler County for voters in the city of Flagler Beach.

All nine of these proposed amendments were approved

  • Amendment one sought to allow non emergency government vehicles the ability to drive on the beach as needed.
YES 514 (63.85%)Approveda
NO 291 (36.15%)
  • Amendment two sought to allow the clarification of terms and grammar throughout the charter.
YES 655 (82.29%)Approveda
NO 141 (17.71%)
  • Amendment three sought to allow the Mayor and Commissioners to begin their term of office the following meeting after election results are verified.
YES 628 (79.8%)Approveda
NO 159 (20.2%)
  • Amendment four sought to require that commissioners hold an annual organization meeting at the first scheduled meeting.
YES 620 (81.79%)Approveda
NO 138 (18.21%)
  • Amendment five sought to allow an extended amount of time, if allowed by commissioner vote, for city managers to establish residency.
YES 436 (55.61%)Approveda
NO 348 (44.39%)
  • Amendment six sought to allow the city Manager to delegate task to other city officials in a time of absence.
YES 530 (68.04%)Approveda
NO 249 (31.96%)
  • Amendment seven sought to revise city laws regarding public records and qualities for office to coincide with state laws.
YES 662 (86.65%)Approveda
NO 102 (13.35%)
  • Amendment eight sought to make it so that there are only five days for candidates to qualify to run for office instead of the current seven.
YES 460 (60.69%)Approveda
NO 298 (39.31%)
  • Amendment nine sought to limit the time city commissioners have to act on ordinances submitted by petition or referendum.[1]
YES 603 (79.45%)Approveda
NO 156 (20.55%)[2]

This was just the first set of proposed amendments brought forth by the charter review commission, they noted that many more are likely to appear on future ballots as the charter continues to be revised.[3]