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Flint is the county seat of Genesee County, Michigan. According to the 2010 census, Flint's population is 102,434, an 18% decline from 2000.[1]

Website evaluation

Last rated on April 20, 2012

The good

  • City budget information is posted.[2]
  • Agendas are posted.[3]
  • Contact information for elected officials is posted.[4]
  • Building permits[5] and zoning information[6] is available.
  • Bid information is available.[7]
  • Audit information is available.[8]
  • Freedom of Information Act requests are handled by the law department.[9]
  • Local tax information is posted on the site.[10]

The bad

  • Meeting minutes are described as "Coming Soon."
  • Administrative officials' names and contact details are not listed.
  • Awarded contracts are not listed.
  • No information on how to make a public records request on the Web site.
  • Information on city funded lobbying activities is not included.


Property taxes

The fiscal 2012 budget calls for a 16.10 millage rate.[11]

FY 2012 Estimated Expenditures[11]

Fund Expenditures
General Fund $49,850,705
Major Street Fund 6,696,717
Local Street Fund 2,628,575
Police Fund 33,257,451
Parks and Recreation Fund 566,490
Senior Citizen Centers Fund 0
Garbage and Rubbish Fund 3,431,122
State Revolv Loan Fund 0
Economic Development Corp Fund 0
Drug Law Enforcement Fund 195,851
Parking Deck Debt Service Fund 726,598
Public Improvement Fund 3,260,239
Drinking Water Revolv Fund 2,802,907
Building Inspection Fund 2,250,280
Oak Business Center Fund 0
Golf Fund 1,108,279
Sewer Fund 28,239,749
Water Fund 48,341,098
Fringe Benefit Fund 29,128,212
Information Services Fund 2,664,307
Fleet Central Garage Fund 5,614,321
Self Insurance Fund 4,378,006
Retirement System Fund 69,707,000
Excess Pension Trust Fund 37,913
Retiree's Life Insurance Fund 100,600
Employee Healthcare Fund 20,670,947
TOTAL $285,657,367

Public employees

Elected officials

Current city council members[12]

Ward Name
1st Ward Delrico J. Loyd
2nd Ward Jacqueline Foster Poplar (President)
3rd Ward Bryant W. Nolden
4th Ward Joshua M. Freeman
5th Ward Bernard Lawler
6th Ward Sheldon Neeley
7th Ward Dale K. Weighill
8th Ward Michael J. Sarginson
9th Ward Scott Kincaid


As of June 30, 2008, Flint's retirement liabilities were 60% funded. The 2010 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report found that nearly 3,000 people were receiving Flint retirement benefits. In fiscal 2010, the city paid d $22.5 for retiree health benefits, and had accrued liabilities for other post-employment benefits of $800 million.[13]

According to the city, the unfunded pension and retiree health care liability went from 1270% to 0% of annual general fund revenue from 2009 to 2010.[14]

Emergency financial manager

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has ordered a review of Flint's finances as preparation for considering appointing an Emergency Financial Manager over the city.[15]

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