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Florida's high court scheduled to rule on health care amendment ballot status

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August 9, 2010


TALLAHASSEE, Florida: Less than a month since the removal of Florida Healthcare Freedom, Amendment 9 from the November 2 ballot, the state's high court has agreed to hear the case. The Florida Supreme Court's decision to hear the case came just as Missouri voters approved a similar proposal regarding the federal health care reform by more than 70%. The court's ruling will determine if the proposed measure will be re-added to the ballot.[1]

Previously July 29, 2010, Amendment 9 was thrown off the ballot following a court ruling by Leon County Circuit Judge James Shelfer. Shelfer said the measure was misleading and could confuse voters.[2] Specifically Shelfer pointed to a section of proposed measure which states that the amendment would, "ensure access to health care services without waiting lists, protect the doctor/patient relationship, guard against mandates that don't work." Shelfer said this was "manifestly misleading."[3]

Amendment 9 marks the third measure to be removed from the 2010 Florida statewide ballot.

The Florida Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on Wednesday, August 18.

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