Florida 1962 ballot measures

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Nine statewide ballot measures were on the November 6, 1962 ballot in the state of Florida.

On the ballot

November 6

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Amendment 1 Redistricting Provides for apportionment of the Florida Legislature Defeatedd
LRCA Amendment 2 County gov't Provides for the superintendent of Public Instruction to be appointed by the County Board of Public Instruction in certain counties Approveda
LRCA Amendment 3 Gov't accountability Relates to the legislature's power to impeach officers Approveda
LRCA Amendment 4 Trials Authorizes Pasco County to hold civil jury trials in any branch court house within the county Approveda
LRCA Amendment 5 State judiciary Provides for the State Attorney of the 4th Judicial Circuit to be the prosecuting attorney of the Duval County Criminal Court of Record Approveda
LRCA Amendment 6 State judiciary Relates to the number of circuit judges provided by legislature Defeatedd
LRCA Amendment 7 Constitutional language Revises the preamble of the constitution of the state of Florida Approveda
LRCA Amendment 8 Constitutional language Authorizes the revision to the state's coastal boundaries to match federal or international standards Approveda
LRCA Amendment 9 Constitutional language Revises wording regarding division of powers withing the state Approveda

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