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The Florida Attorney General election of 2010 was held on November 2, 2010. Candidates competed to replace outgoing Republican incumbent Bill McCollum, who had announced on May 18, 2009, that he seek the state's gubernatorial office.[1]

Assistant state's attorney Pam Bondi (Republican) won the race to replace McCollum, defeating State Sen. Dan Gelber (Democrat) and Jim Lewis (Independent).

Race tracking

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Ballotpedia suggested the race leaned Republican, while Governing magazine called it a toss-up.

2010 Race Rankings for Florida Attorney General
Race Tracker Race Rating
Ballotpedia Leans Republican
Governing[2] Toss-up
Overall Call Toss-up

General election campaign


Republican Party Republican Party - Assistant state's attorney Pam Bondi
Democratic Party Democratic Party - State Sen. Dan Gelber
Independent Independent - Fort Lauderdale attorney Jim Lewis

General election results

2010 Race for Attorney General - General Election[3]
Party Candidate Vote Percentage
     Republican Party Approveda Pam Bondi 54.8%
     Democratic Party Dan Gelber 41.4%
     Independent Jim Lewis 3.8%
Total Votes 5,263,392


Central Florida News 13/Bay News 9 hosted the first and only debate between Republican Pam Bondi and Democrat Dan Gelber in the race for state attorney general on Saturday, October 16th. Topics of discussion included the federal health insurance mandate, property insurance, gay adoption, and public education funding.


Pam Bondi

Dan Gelber


Date of Poll Pollster Pam Bondi (R) Dan Gelber (D) Jim Lewis (I) Undecided Number polled
September 27-30[33] Public Opinion Strategies 38% 26% N/A 36% 800
October 4-6[34] Mason-Dixon 42% 37% N/A 2% 625
October 14-17[35] Suffolk University 38% 30% 7% 26% 500
October 27-28[36] Sunshine State News 51% 42% 5% 3% 1,578

August 24, 2010 primaries

See also: Florida gubernatorial election, 2010

Donkey symbol.png Democratic primary


Electoral results

2010 Race for Attorney General - General Election[39]
Party Candidate Vote Percentage
     Democratic Party Approveda Dan Gelber 59.1%
     Democratic Party Dave Aronberg 40.9%
Total Votes 831,690


Dave Aronberg

Dan Gelber


According to the Florida Division of Elections, as of July 14, 2010, here is the breakdown of campaign finances for each of the candidates:

  • Dave Aronberg - $328,543.19 in contributions since January 1, 2010 (with $999,609.87 in total contributions)[72]
  • Dan Gelber - $321,425.85 (with $991,922.35 in total contributions)


See also: Polls, 2010 State Attorney General elections
Date of Poll Pollster Dave Aronberg (D) Dan Gelber (D) Undecided Number polled
July 31-August 1[73] Associated Industries 20% 18% 62% 238
August 9-12[74] Sunshine State News 38% 27% 36% 1,000
August 17-19[75] Mason-Dixon 32% 25% 43% 500

Gop logo2.jpg Republican primary


Electoral results

2010 Race for Attorney General - Republican Primary[79]
Party Candidate Vote Percentage
     Republican Party Approveda Pam Bondi 37.9%
     Republican Party Jeff Kottkamp 32.8%
     Republican Party Holly Benson 29.3%
Total Votes 1,211,376


Holly Benson

Pam Bondi

Jeff Kottkamp


According to the Florida Division of Elections, as of July 9, 2010, here is the breakdown of campaign finances for each of the candidates:

  • Holly Benson - $241,696.39 in contributions since January 1, 2010 (with $476,177.32 in total contributions)[115]
  • Pam Bondi - $236,886.27 (with $437,419.83 in total contributions)
  • Jeff Kottkamp - $279,050.48 (with $670,085.05 in total contributions)


See also: Polls, 2010 State Attorney General elections
Date of Poll Pollster Pam Bondi (R) Jeff Kottkamp (R) Holly Benson (R) Undecided Number polled
July 26-30[116] Sunshine State News 16% 17% 12% 55% 1,345
July 31-August 1[73] Associated Industries 10% 12% 9% 69% 209
August 12-15[117] Sunshine State News 22% 29% 19% 30% 1,000
August 17-19[75] Mason-Dixon 27% 23% 22% 28% 500


BP connection

Dan Gelber's campaign for state attorney general was dealt a severe blow on Monday, June 28, 2010, when it was discovered that Akerman Senterfitt, where the state senator worked as both partner and counsel, agreed to represent British Petroleum (BP) in claims related to the catastrophic oil spill that followed the BP-leased oil rig Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico.[118] His primary opponent, Dave Aronberg, argued that Gelber's position "would represent a major conflict of interest were he to win the Attorney General’s race — so much so that Gelber would have to recuse himself from any lawsuit his AG office would bring against BP, which hired Akerman to represent it the oil spill claims process."[119]

Shortly after the story first broke, Gelber issued a statement in which he called Aronberg's attack on him frivolous and absurd, noting that he had tendered his resignation from the firm a week before.[120] Furthermore, he argued, "he played no role in the firm's decision and didn't know about it until days afterward."[121][122] The Saint Petersblog noted, however, that his resignation was not effective until early July.[123]

In spite of his departure from Akerman Senterfitt, Aronberg continued to make the matter an issue in the primary campaign. An email sent to his supporters has Aronberg remarking that he is "not angry" at his opponent, but that "the fact remains, however, that his employment by BP’s law firm could disqualify him from representing Florida against BP as attorney general."[124]

Disney World billing

The Miami Herald reported in early-May 2010 that, during the summer of 1998, Republican primary candidate Jeff Kottkamp spent close to $10,000 on special tours of the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando and charged the expenses to an American Express card held by the state Republican Party.[125] Closer inspection of egregious expenditures such as these were part of an extensive audit being conducted by the Florida Republican Party to account for over $47,000 in expenses made under the reign of former executive director, Jim Rimes. David Bishop, a spokesman for Kottkamp's attorney general campaign, contended that these trips were "donors' appreciation outings," a claim that is at odds with statements from the state party, which has argued that these "Disney charges were not associated with a fundraiser nor other official party business."[126]

Lifestyle criticism

John Stemberger, president and general counsel of the Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC), who endorsed Lieutenant Governor Jeff Kottkamp in the Republican primary campaign for state attorney general, took a shot at Pam Bondi's lifestyle in his August 2010 endorsement letter.[127][128] He questioned Bondi's credentials as a conservative, noting that "personally, she has no children and lives with her 60 year old eye doctor boyfriend."[129]

Speaking with The Miami Herald in response to criticism over the letter, Stemberger insisted that he was not suggesting anything in regards to the Republican prosecutor's sex life. He argued that "marital status, children, living arrangements are all matters that tell us something about a person and their life experience. And therefore are relevant."[128]

Labor issue comment

After appearance on a weekend call-in radio program for WDBO in Orlando, Bondi drew criticism, in particular from her Republican primary opponent, Jeff Kottkamp, for her response to a question related to a key aspect of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). The EFCA is a legislative bill currently being considered within Congress and is heavily backed by both the major unions in the country and the Obama White House. Bondi remarked that "she was opposed to the secret ballot in votes on unionization," an opinion also held by supporters of the measure.[130]

Bondi, in response to the controversy, contended that "it was difficult to hear the question, and I confused the terms in discussing my opposition to card check."[131] She insisted that she does not support the labor-backed card check program. Kottkamp's campaign, however, did not buy her excuse, suggesting the incident was just another example of Bondi showcasing her Democratic political roots.

Travel timed

More then 1,500 email messages were released to the St. Petersburg Times/Miami Herald following a public records request made by the two local papers in regards to the lieutenant governor's travel. Although there is no indication that Kottkamp broke any state ethical laws, it does suggest, however, that he frequently timed official state governmental trips with personal vacations with his family. A prominent example came in 2007 when he arrived four days early in Virginia, where he officially scheduled to attend a conference, "so he and his family, who were traveling with him, could have a personal vacation."[132] Kottkamp's campaign has declined being interviewed about this and other instances cited within the emails contending that the story is nothing but a political hit job.

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