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The Florida Constitution Revision Commission (FCRC) is defined in the Florida Constitution as an organization that is to meet once every twenty years to review Florida's Constitution and propose changes for voter consideration.

The committee, each time it is formed, is to consist of a thirty-seven member revision commission.

The Commission meets for approximately one year, and is during that year to travel Florida, identify issues, perform research, and possibly recommend changes to the Constitution.

The last comprehensive review of Florida's Constitution occurred in 1997-1998.

By then, Florida's population had grown by 63 percent since the 1977-1978 commission convened.

1998 proposals

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The last time the FCRC met and made recommendations was in the 1997-1998, when the group proposed nine amendments to the Florida Constitution, which were then placed on the 1998 statewide ballot. Eight of the nine proposals were accepted by Florida's voters; one was defeated.

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