Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal

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The Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal is one of five intermediate appellate courts in Florida. It is located in West Palm Beach.[1]

Judges are appointed by the Governor and serve for at least one year before facing a retention election at the following general election. Once retained, they serve six-year terms, starting from the first Tuesday (after the first Monday) in the January following their retention election.[2][3]

Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal
Court information
Judges:   12
Founded:   1957
Salary:   $154,000[4]
Judicial selection
Method:   Assisted appointment
Term:   6 years

Current judges

JudgeTermAppointed by
Judge Robert Gross2008-2017
Judge Cory Ciklin2008-2017Gov. Charlie Crist
Judge Martha Warner1989-2021
Judge Carole Taylor1998-1/2019
Judge W. Matthew Stevenson1994-2021
Judge Melanie May2002-2017
Judge Dorian Damoorgian2008-2017
Judge Burton C. Conner2011-1/2019Gov. Rick Scott
Judge Jonathan D. Gerber2009-2017
Judge Spencer D. Levine2009-2017
Judge Mark W. Klingensmith2013-2021Gov. Rick Scott
Judge Alan O. Forst2013-2021Gov. Rick Scott


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  1. Fourth District Court of Appeal
  2. Florida Constitution, Article V, Section 10 & 11
  3. Florida Division of Elections: FAQ Scroll to "Candidates: How are judges elected in Florida and what are their terms?"
  4. May vary for chief judge
  5. Fourth District Court of Appeals Judges
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JudgeElection Vote
KlingensmithMark W. Klingensmith 74.3% ApprovedA
ForstAlan O. Forst 75.1% ApprovedA
StevensonW. Matthew Stevenson 76.2% ApprovedA
WarnerMartha Warner 77.3% ApprovedA


JudgeIncumbencyRetention voteRetention Vote %
ConnerBurton C. Conner   ApprovedAYes1,033,81977.8%ApprovedA
TaylorCarole Taylor   ApprovedAYes1,015,94677.8%ApprovedA