Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission, Amendment 3 (1942)

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The Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission Amendment, also known as Amendment 3, was a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment in Florida which was approved by voters in the general election on November 3, 1942.

This amendment modified Article IV, Section 30, of the Florida Constitution to create a commission relating to the conservation of birds, game, fur bearing animals and fresh water fish.[1]

Election results

Florida Amendment 3 (1942)
Approveda Yes 49,492 61.53%

Election results via: Report of the Secretary of State of the State of Florida (1941-1942)

Text of measure

The language that appeared on the ballot:

Question 3

Constitutional Amendment

Article IV

To amend Article IV of the Florida Constitution by adding section 30 providing for conservation of birds, game, fur bearing animals and fresh water fish, creating a Commission and conferring powers to administer laws for such purposes.[2][3]

Constitutional changes

Section 30. 1. From and after January 1, 1943, the management, restoration, conservation, and regulation, of the birds, game, fur bearing animals, and fresh water fish, of the State of Florida, and the acquisition, establishment, control, and management, of hatcheries, sanctuaries, refuges, reservations, and all other property now or hereafter owned or used for such purposes by the State of Florida, shall be vested in a Commission to be known as the Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission. Such Commission shall consist of five members, one from each congressional district, as existing on January 1, 1941, who shall be appointed by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the Senate. The members so appointed shall annually select one of their members as Chairman of the Commission.

2. The first members of the Commission shall be appointed on January 1, 1943 and shall serve respectively for one, two, three, four, and five years. At the expiration of each of such terms, a successor shall be appointed to serve for a term of five years.

3. The members of the Commission shall receive no compensation for their services as such, but each Commissioner shall receive his necessary traveling or other expenses incurred while engaged in the discharge of his Official duties, but such shall not exceed the sum of $600.00 in any one year.

4. Among the powers granted to the Commission by this Section shall be the power to fix bag limits and to fix open and closed seasons, on a state-wide, regional or local basis, as it may find to be appropriate, and to regulate the manner and method of taking, transporting, storing and using birds, game, fur bearing animals, fresh water fish, reptiles, and amphibians. The Commission shall also have the power to acquire by purchase, gift, all property necessary, useful, or convenient, for the use of the Commission in the exercise of its powers hereunder.

5. The Commission shall appoint, fix the salary of, and at pleasure remove, a suitable person, as Director, and such Director shall have such powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Commission in pursuance of its duties under this Section. Such Director shall, subject to the approval of the Commission, appoint, fix the salaries of, and at pleasure remove, assistants, and other employees who shall have such powers and duties as may be assigned to them by the Commission or the Director. No Commissioner shall be eligible for any such appointment or employment.

6. The funds resulting from the operation of the Commission and from the administration of the laws and regulations pertaining to birds, game, fur bearing animals, fresh water fish, reptiles, and amphibians, together with any other funds specifically provided for such purpose shall constitute the state Game Fund and shall be used by the Commission as it shall deem fit in carrying out the provisions hereof and for no other purposes. The Commission may not obligate itself beyond the current resources of the State Game Fund unless specifically so authorized by the Legislature.

7. The Legislature may enact any laws in aid of, but not inconsistent with, the provisions of this amendment, and all existing laws inconsistent herewith shall no longer remain in force and effect. All laws fixing penalties for the violation of the provisions of this amendment and all laws imposing license taxes, shall be enacted by the Legislature from time to time.[1]

Path to the ballot

  • The amendment was placed on the ballot as Committee Substitute for Senate Joint Resolution 28 of 1941.
  • The amendment was approved by the Governor on May 5, 1941.
  • The amendment was filed in Office Secretary of State on May 5, 1941.[1]

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