Florida Municipal Ad Valorem Tax Cap Amendment (2008)

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The Municipal and County Ad valorem Tax Cap did not appear on the November 4, 2008 statewide ballot in Florida as an initiated constitutional amendment. The measure would have limited the power of local government to raise revenue from the ad valorem taxes - no county or municipality would have been allowed to levy ad valorem taxes on more than: 30 percent of the assessed value of any homestead property eligible for additional exemption for certain seniors; 40 percent of the assessed value of all other homestead property; or 50 percent of the assessed value of all non-homestead real property.[1]


Citizens for Property Tax Reform, Inc. was the political action committee that sponsored the initiative. It consisted of three people. The group spent $54,000 promoting the amendment.[2]

"This is too critical an issue for us to sit back and watch it get diluted through Tallahassee's sausage-making legislative process, where what comes out is unrecognizable from what went in at the beginning, " said Bernie Navarro, head of Citizens for Property Tax Reform.[3]


The Attorney General wrote an opinion stating that he believes the amendment would violate the Florida Constitution.[4]


This petition was approved by the Florida Secretary of State and was circulated. It did not make the ballot though.

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