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The Florida School Boards Association is the Florida state chapter of the National School Boards Association, a government sector lobbying association. It is a 501(c)(6) organization.[1] The association confers with the Florida School Labor Relations Service and the Florida Association of District School Superintendents in providing consultation and workshops, in gathering and disseminating information about labor issues and in general support for school boards, educational labor relations and district school superintendents in issues that arise.[2] It also has legal counsel that represents the association to assist in the defense of lawsuits, institutes legal proceedings, and issues opinions.[3]

The association issues two publications, Leaders and Boarder-Line',' which are available online.[4][5] Leaders is a monthly newsletter and Boarder-Line is the official legislative bulletin of the Florida School Boards Association.

Taxpayer-funded lobbying

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The Florida School Boards Association has a registered lobbyist with the Florida Executive Branch.[6]

Income and expenses

Florida School Boards Association
Year Total expenses Total income Membership dues
(included in total income)
2007[1] $930,619 $962,255 $996,899
2006[7] $1,462,549 $1,670,262 $1,625,452
2005[8] $1,550,734 $1,653,446 $1,698,433

Lobbying priorities

In April 2008, the Florida School Boards Association alerted its members to contact their Delegation members and the following conference committee members: Senators Wise, Siplin, Bullard, Constantine, Dockery, and Garcia; Representatives Pickens, Traviesa, Altman, Bendross-Mindingall, Coley, Culp, Kiar, Kriseman, Legg, McBurney, McKeel, and Vana. The alert asked members to contact their appropriate legislators to advocate, among other issues, budget flexibility of each district and the suspension of new or expanding programs.

The association's lobbying priorities are outlined in "Priorities for the 2009 Legislative Session."[9].


The Florida School Boards Association amended its bylaws on June 11, 2009 from the last proposed policy in June 1991.

The Bylaws and Procedures Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending changes to the FSBA Bylaws and Policies. The school board members are annually provided an opportunity to submit changes and propose additional corrections. These changes are then submitted and are either rejected or referred to the Board of Directors for consideration.[10]


The Florida School Boards Association holds several conferences each year wherein school board members, superintendents and other educational personnel gather for guest speakers, sessions that cover the latest educational issues, and round table discussions.

Some of the training events, meetings, and workshops offered by FSBA:

  • FSBA Annual Spring Conference
  • Boardsmanship and Orientation Conference
  • FSBA Day in the Legislature
  • FSBA Regional Legislative Review Workshops
  • Master Board Forums and Onsite Workshops
  • Technical Assistance Workshops (Onsite)
  • School Board Academy
  • FSBA Board of Director's Retreat
  • FSBA Committee Day[11]

Conference attendees paid registration fees of $195, as of 2009.[12] However, the association asks for sponsors to fund these events, as well.


The FSBA website dedicates a page to appeal to potential sponsors of the organization, ranking the different levels of sponsorship. The website explains that money is needed to help fund the several conferences the association holds each year and suggests that conferences are a place that sponsors can network with attendees in order to "share useful information and new ideas for products and marketing."[13]

  • Full sponsors pay $6,000 in exchange for 1-2 minutes of presentation time at the conference, four free conference registrations and distribution of their literature and promotional items in packets to school board members and other conference attendees.
  • Co-sponsors of event pay $3,500 for three free conference registrations and distribution of their literature or promotional items in packets to all school board members and other conference attendees.
  • Reception sponsors pay $2,500 for two free conference registrations and for the sponsor's name and pertinent information being "prominently displayed during the reception."
  • Coffee break sponsors pay $1,500 for one free conference registration and for the sponsor's name and pertinent information being "prominently displayed during the reception."[13]

During their sponsored event, each sponsor or co-sponsor will be verbally recognized and thanked. Each sponsor will also be "prominently displayed" by a professionally rendered sign at the event.[13]

Full or co-sponsors have access to breakfasts, luncheons, speakers and special events, while reception sponsors can attend the receptions and coffee break sponsors have access to the coffee breaks.

Board of Directors

The FSBA's Board of Directors is made up of members from all of Florida's 27 school districts.

Related organizations

The FSBA publishes a list of organizations with which they are associated:


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