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Florida Thirteenth Circuit Court

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The Florida Thirteenth Circuit Court is one of 20 circuit courts in Florida. It is a trial court of general jurisdiction presiding over Hillsborough County, Florida.[1]



Unopposed  Judge Caroline J. Tesche (Not on ballot - Group 1)
Unopposed  Judge Samantha L. Ward (Not on ballot - Group 2)
Unopposed  Judge Daniel L. Perry (Not on ballot - Group 5)
Unopposed  Judge Catherine M. Catlin (Not on ballot - Group 7)
Group 8
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
ThomasBarbara Twine ThomasApprovedANo42.29%ApprovedA51.2%   ApprovedA
HinsonCarl C. Hinson No32.91%ApprovedA48.8%   DefeatedD
DingfelderJohn Dingfelder No24.81% 
Unopposed  Judge Gregory P. Holder (Not on ballot - Group 9)
Unopposed  Judge Rex M. Barbas (Not on ballot - Group 10)
Unopposed  Judge Ralph C. Stoddard (Not on ballot - Group 11)
Unopposed  Judge Jack Espinosa, Jr. (Not on ballot - Group 13)
Unopposed  Judge Claudia R. Isom (Not on ballot - Group 15)
Unopposed  Judge Chet A. Tharpe (Not on ballot - Group 18)
Group 19
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
SciontiMichael Scionti No64.71%ApprovedA   
BranniganMichael John Brannigan No35.29% 
Group 20
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
WardLaura Ward (Florida) No51.18%ApprovedA   
StanleyKaren Stanley No48.82% 
Unopposed  Judge Lisa D. Campbell (Not on ballot - Group 21)
Unopposed  Judge Matthew C. Lucas (Not on ballot - Group 23)
Unopposed  Judge Vivian T. Corvo (Not on ballot - Group 27)
Unopposed  Judge William P. Levens (Not on ballot - Group 28)
Unopposed  Judge Nick Nazaretian (Not on ballot - Group 29)
Unopposed  Judge Martha J. Cook (Not on ballot - Group 30)
Unopposed  Judge Richard A. Nielsen (Not on ballot - Group 31)
Unopposed  Judge Katherine G. Essrig (Not on ballot - Group 33)
Group 34
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
BaumanRobert Bauman (Florida)ApprovedANo48.04%ApprovedA51.3%   ApprovedA
PoloMelissa Polo No29.51%ApprovedA48.7%   DefeatedD
DanielsConstance Daniels No22.45% 
Unopposed  Judge Herbert Baumann, Jr. (Not on ballot - Group 35)
Unopposed  Judge Michelle Sisco (Not on ballot - Group 38)
Unopposed  Judge Scott Stephens (Not on ballot - Group 39)
Unopposed  Judge Christopher C. Sabella (Not on ballot - Group 40)
Unopposed  Judge Laurel Lee (Not on ballot - Group 41)


CandidateIncumbencyOfficePrimary VoteElection Vote
MoodyAshley B. Moody   ApprovedAYesGroup 45   ApprovedA
SilverBernard C. Silver   ApprovedAYesGroup 32   ApprovedA
ThomasCheryl Thomas   ApprovedAYesGroup 16   ApprovedA
PeacockEmily A. Peacock   ApprovedAYesGroup 44   ApprovedA
Byrd, Jr.Johnnie B. Byrd, Jr.    NoGroup 1436.7% 
FernandezKimberly K. Fernandez   ApprovedAYesGroup 43   ApprovedA
WolfeMark R. Wolfe   ApprovedAYesGroup 1463.3%ApprovedA   ApprovedA
HueyPaul L. Huey   ApprovedAYesGroup 12   ApprovedA
Foster, Jr.Robert A. Foster, Jr.   ApprovedAYesGroup 25   ApprovedA
FicarrottaRonald Ficarrotta   ApprovedAYesGroup 26   ApprovedA
SheehanTracy Sheehan   ApprovedAYesGroup 42   ApprovedA