Florida Voting Eligibility, Amendment 3 (1916)

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The Florida Voting Eligibility Amendment was a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment in Florida which was defeated on the ballot on November 7, 1916.

This amendment sought to modify Article VI of the Florida Constitution to change the eligibility rules for the right to vote.[1]

Election results

Florida Amendment 3 (1916)
Defeatedd No19,68865.18%
Yes 10,518 34.82%

Election results via: Report of the Secretary of State of the State of Florida (1915-1916)

Text of measure

The language that appeared on the ballot:

Constitutional Amendment, Article VI, Section 1, Relating to Suffrage and Eligibility.[2][3]

Constitutional changes

Section 1. Every male person of the age of twenty-one years and upwards who is a citizen of the United States at the time he applies to register shall be deemed a qualified elector at all elections under the Constitution of the State of Florida, provided, that he possesses the following additional qualifications:

He shall have resided and had his permanent home and place of abode in the State of Florida for one year, and in the county wherein he applies to register for six months, previous thereto.

He must be able to read, write and interpret any Section of the Constitution of the State of Florida at the time he applies to register and vote.

He must own in his own right property to the value of not less than five hundred dollars, which fact shall be determined only by the assessment books of the county at the time he applies to register and vote.

He must not have been convicted, previous to the time he applies to register or vote, of larceny, robbery, forgery, perjury or bribery in any of the courts of any State or of the United States, or if so convicted, he must have been restored to the rights of citizenship.

Provided, however, That no person or lineal descendant of any such person who was on January first, 1867, or prior thereto, entitled to vote under the Constitutions and laws of any of the States or Territories, or entitled to vote under any form of government, or any naturalized citizen or his descendants, shall be denied the right to register and vote because he shall not be able to read, write and interpret any Section of the Constitution of the State of Florida, as above provided, or because he shall not own property of the value above specified; naturalized citizens of the United States, however, at the time they apply, and before they shall be admitted to register, shall present to the registration officer certificate of his naturalization, or a duly authenticated copy thereof.

Section 2. Upon the adoption of this amendment to the Constitution, the Legislature shall enact appropriate laws to carry the purpose of this amendment into effect.[1]

Path to the ballot

  • The amendment was placed on the ballot by House Joint Resolution 82 of 1915.[1]

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