Florida business executives launch fundraiser in opposition to Amendment 4

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June 10, 2010

TALLAHASSEE, Florida: The Florida general election is about five months away but already campaigns for the nine constitutional amendments scheduled to appear on the ballot are getting underway. Yesterday business executives launched a fundraiser at YOLO Restaurant in opposition of Amendment 4. The fundraiser was hosted by the Broward Workshop, a group of business leaders. According to reports, AutoNation executive Mike Jackson and JM Family Enterprises executive Colin Brown each gave about $50,000. The Broward Workshop donated $100,000.[1]

Amendment 4, like several of the measures on the ballot, has been a controversial issue since the beginning. The initiated constitutional amendment proposes to require voter approval of all changes to local comprehensive land-use plans. Currently, county and city commissioners make comprehensive plan change decisions. In order to pass the amendment needs at least 60% of the total votes.[2] Supporters say, ""Rising taxes, falling home values... are just some of the devastating consequences of Florida politicians’ habit of rubberstamping speculative plan changes. Hometown Democracy Amendment 4 changes all that by giving voters veto power over these changes to your community’s master plan for growth."[3] Opponents, however, argue that the proposed amendment could cost the state billions of dollars in lost economic opportunities and that it will make Florida's recession permanent.[4]

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