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Founded in 1794, Fort Wayne is the second-largest city in Indiana and the 70th-largest in the United States. Its population is 254,397, and it covers 110.5 square miles.[1] The city's school district is Fort Wayne Community Schools.

Public employees

The city has 1,984 employees.[1]

City council

Councilmembers are elected for four-year terms.[2]

2012 City Council[3]
Name District Party
Tom Smith 1st Republican
Russ Jehl 2nd Republican
Tim Didier 3rd Republican
Mitch Harper 4th Republican
Geoff Paddock 5th Democrat
Glynn Hines 6th Democrat
John Crawford At-large Republican
Marty Bender At-large Republican
John Shoaff At-large Democrat


In 2011, Mayor Tom Henry (D) won re-election.[4]



2010 and 2011 Revenues[1]
Source 2010 Revenue 2011 Revenue
Taxes $150,975,175 $146,690,657
Licenses & Permits $3,003,215 $4,052,972
Intergovernmental $34,774,102 $35,614,173
Services & Fees $17,131,686 $17,295,551
Fines & Forfeitures $832,500 $716,000
Miscellaneous $1,552,712 $799,596
Total City Revenue $208,269,390 $204,168,949


2010 and 2011 Budgets by Department[1]
Department 2010 Expenditures 2011 Expenditures
Mayor's Office $3,168,643 $2,016,714
City Clerk $1,513,710 $1,530,526
Finance & Admin $9,423,548 $8,822,104
Public Works $33,626,736 $32,405,620
Police $58,553,254 $60,109,791
Fire $34,396,504 $36,004,702
Pensions $18,122,102 $16,552,160
Parks & Rec $12,746,029 $13,074,454
HR Commission $664,362 $663,219
CEDIT Income Tax Fund $25,178,042 $21,796,998
Capital Improvement $1,635,000 $918,900
Total City Budget $202,827,093 $198,854,552


Funding Status for Pensions[5]
Fund Unfunded Actuarial Accrued Liability (UAAL) UAAL as a Percentage of Covered Payroll
Public Employees' Retirement Fund $31,955,519 65%
Police Officers' Pension Plan $113,543,840 14,518%
Firefighters' Pension Plan $97,902,419 195,414%
Sanitary Officers' Pension $6,192,873 N/A

Other post-employment benefits

The city's other post-employment benefits (OPEBs) were 0% funded, with unfunded liabilities equaling $65,779,025, or 67% of payroll.[5]


The 2010 total property tax rate was $2.9703 per $100 assessed value, of which the city's portion is $1.2238. The gross income tax rate was 3.4%.[1]

Indiana Transparency Portal

The Indiana State Auditor has launched an Indiana Transparency Portal (ITP), containing budget and financial information for local governments. The interactive report-builder page offers a range of information. Users can find financial data for a county, municipality or other unit of government.[6]


The ITP currently has data only for 2012. Because Fort Wayne hasn't posted its 2012 budget yet, it is not possible to compare its numbers to the ITP data. According to the ITP, Fort Wayne's 2012 budgeted revenues are $199,974,537 and its expenditures are $187,853,255.[6]

Website evaluation

Elected Officials
Administrative Officials
Permits, zoning
Lobbying N
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Public Records N
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Local Taxes

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Transparency grading process

See also: Evaluation of Indiana city websites

This website was reviewed on November 9, 2011.

The good

  • City council members are listed with election and contact information.[2]
  • Council meetings are posted, with schedules, agendas, and minute archives.[7]
  • Bid information is posted.[8]
  • Budgets and audits are posted, with archives.[9]
  • Local tax rates are posted in the "Fort Wayne at a Glance" section of the Budget in Brief.[1]
  • Zoning maps are posted.[10]
  • Building permits are posted.[11]
  • Contact information is posted on department pages.

The bad

  • No information is posted on government sector lobbying.
  • No information is posted on public records requests.

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