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The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit think tank based in Naples, Florida. It is a relatively new nonprofit, nonpartisan free market think tank. The mission of the FGA is to "promote better lives for individuals and families by equipping policymakers with principled strategies to replace failed health and welfare programs nationwide."[1] The Foundation says its organizational principles are "transparency, private enterprise, individual liberty and limited, constitutional government."


The FGA was founded in 2011 by Tarren Bragdon, a former Maine legislator and past CEO of the Maine Heritage Policy Center. The Foundation shares a board member with the Cato Institute and with the State Policy Network, of which it is a member.

Policy initiatives

FGA's stated policy focus is on two issues: health care and welfare. These arenas are broken down into several major initiatives that seek to advance state-level policies.

Uncover ObamaCare

FGA has published numerous reports, commentaries and videos about the ObamaCare health insurance exchanges and the Medicaid expansion funded by the law. Its research looks at the tax implications of the exchange subsidies and the impact of Medicaid expansion on state budgets, access to healthcare and the existing Medicaid population.[2]

Medicaid Cure

FGA advocates for a series of managed care Medicaid reforms enacted in Florida and other states that are collectively termed the “Medicaid Cure.” According to FGA, these reforms give patients more choices, more services and incentives to stay healthier.[3]

Right for Kids

FGA has published national rankings comparing states on their child welfare programs. It has also published several reports touting Florida’s 2006 foster care reform from a state-run system to a public-private partnership.[4]

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