Fountain Hills Trash Collection Question (May 2011)

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A Fountain Hills Trash Collection Question was going to be on the May 17, 2011 ballot in the city of Fountain Hills, which is in Maricopa County, but was then removed.

This measure was supposed to ask residents if they wanted to allow the ordinance which allowed for a single trash hauler of curbside trash and recyclables to remain or be repealed. This measure had been brought forth by a group of residents who wanted to be able to vote on the question of single hauler trash collection rather than just allowing the city council to decide the issue. If this had remained on the ballot, council members voted to have a mail only election, meaning residents would just receive a ballot in the mail which they would mail back or drop off at the town hall. The reasoning behind this was because more than 50 percent of voters in the last election returned their ballots by mail and council members thought it would save money for the city.[1] The judge ruled that the petition was insufficient to call for a vote so this measure was removed from the ballot and the ordinance to go to a single trash hauler will be implemented the 1st of July. The lawsuit to remove this measure from the ballot had been initiated by the parent company of the trash hauler which would be the sole collector in the city, they noted that the petition was not valid.[2]

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