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June 8, 2010

BOSTON, Massachusetts: According to the Massachusetts Elections Division, four of the five initiatives sent to the Massachusetts Legislature are now collecting the additional signatures needed to make it onto the November 2, 2010 ballot in the state. The only measure that will not be collecting those signatures is the charter school option initiative. The initiative had previously collected the required 66,593 voter signatures needed to be reviewed by the Massachusetts Secretary of State and the legislature.

Signatures were submitted to all local, city and town clerks in the state. The initiative was then reviewed by the Massachusetts Legislature. The Massachusetts Legislature did not approve of the initiative by the May 4, 2010 deadline. For reasons not specified by the Secretary of State's office, the initiative organizers decided not to more forward with their efforts. The measure would have removed limits on number of charter schools, their funding, and enrollment. Other changes would have been made in laws that governed charter schools, including requiring approval of qualified applications for charter schools to be in districts where there was low student performance.

The process for the remaining four initiatives to gain ballot access is for organizers to collect signatures from about 1/2 of 1% of voters who voted in the last governor election and submit them before or on July 7, 2010. That number amounts to 11,099 signatures.[1]

The complete process for initiatives to make the ballot follows:

  • Supporters then must have collected a minimum of 66,593 valid signatures from registered voters by December 2, 2009; except for veto referenda, where they must have collected 33,297 signatures.
  • The approved measures were then reviewed by the Legislature.

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